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I also got 100% on my speech today
& thanks I do 🥰
my name is Jenni
and tysm!!!💞💕💖
(re) see thanks!
(re) yeah I know they're irrational,,, it's just hard to get them to stop
oooh I had no idea about that nether update!!! that’ll be so cool 🥺 and thank you; I’ll be out soon! Im at work today but I kinda liked having a later shift and sleeping in. I felt a bit better.
I hope you’re doing well lovely ❤️
hello friend
it’s alright man
how’s life been?
i feel that way a lot too, about what you said with Tristin :( He’s an extreme work in progress, idk. He got his wisdom teeth out and out of the blue when being super sweet while dopey about being happy he married me, he said “I have a secret about Christa!” (the one who kinda crashed our wedding). I was nervous like “okay???” but he said “she’s a hœ”. 😂 I asked why and he got confused, I had to explain to him that I already knew and she crashed our wedding so he was like 😮😮 “what??/?/!2’ imma get our friend’s gun (he’s a hunter lol) and imma shoot her” 😅😅 So I’m even more confused of why he brought it up and then was confused of why I thought she was a hœ. Im hoping it means he really didn’t do anything wrong when with her as he claims. I’d honestly thought about being awful and asking him while he was loopy about it but he’s the one who brought it up. So,,, maybe good news?? I really appreciate the concern. he’s just a bit dumb in the emotional department, more so than most boys. he’s got a lot to learn but I really do love him. it’s all so confusing 🥴😭
sorry that was a loT oof but I’d love platonic cuddling, you’re a beyond amazing and compassionate person and you always brighten mine and everyone’s day 🥺 thank you for checking up, I hope you’re doing well too; are things still going okay?
how are you friend
books represent your intelligence, pink heart for the kindness you give and the shooting star to represent that you will go far in life
hey you’ve read the great gatsby right ? I’m reading it in my English class and it’s pretty good so far
it mentions that a lot of the women at gatsbys party were like younger than the men and that was a bit weird, not gonna lie
but anyways we have an assignment due in December to make a playlist based on the novel and I wanted to know if there were any songs that reminded you of the novel
thank you for the song, I’ll check it out later today