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Very good observation. I feel like the reason this happens is that people often tend to get caught up in a very idealistic state. This definitely a fun way to think, but not a very safe one. Everyone is unique, because everyone's experiences are unique. Our experiences shape the way we see the world. Having experiences helps you gain perspective, but also much bias. As we all know, humans have many faults. One being that we can only experience this world through ourselves and our experiences. Because of this, we all have unique pictures of perfection in our head. Think that way or not, humans strive for perfection. We see the world in our head. Unfortunately, it is hard to separate this personal reality, from the larger "everything reality". When we get caught in this sticky attempt to merge them as they are, we get a little bit too in over our heads, quite often. It is possible to be so passionate about something, and to have a solution for it, but to not be able to carry out a solution. Electric cars, world hunger, and many other things are an example. I understand your point of view and where you seem to be coming from with this. We should do what we can do. But we can't always do what we should do. We are not good, nor bad. We do the best we know. Idealistic worlds and realistic worlds are two very different things. Often times people speak of their idealistic world and how it should be the realistic one. That is, I believe, the thing you have the problem with. It is not often talked about either. Even though it should be. These faults are easy to fall into. But even so, sometimes just talking about issues helps. Addressing and admitting to a problem's existence is the infamous first step to solving issues in the world. Wonderful topic indeed👏🏼✨🌙
there is probably some small grammatical and structural issues with my response, but i had little to no sleep last night. I am quite frankly too tired to edit myself😁😄😁✨