01.10.19 「t a p」
it’s finally the holidays and I’ve never been more social in my life. p.s story time about her coming soon
QOTD: which country would you consider moving to?
AOTD: Italy or Monaco


01.10.19 「t a p」 it’s finally the holidays and I’ve never been more social in my life. p.s story time about her coming soon QOTD: which country would you consider moving to? AOTD: Italy or Monaco

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oml that’s insane😦
i can’t imagine having to go through that as a third grader dang
wow that’s crazy
omg woah!
that’s crazy
omgggg that’s insane!!!!
aotd: italy!
holy cow that’s insane
what the actual heck
okay uhhh that teacher is a lil ~iNtErEsTiNg~
I’d never feel fully safe at school ever again😶
glad you like it 💕
this is the definition of creepy😳
ok wow
oh my god that’s pretty scary
that’s so creepy
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what the... this teacher was proper messed up bro who let her teach little kids??
ty 😭💓
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you’re making me so happy not gonna lie
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AOTD: Shanghai or Beijing in China because the culture is so diverse and the food is amazing there
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A: England or Canada
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