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congratulations on the fanpage! that’s so exciting and you deserve it! 😘💫
hello collager! I’m holding a VOGUE games and would love it if you could come and participate! the scoring system will be announced in a future post! only 5 per team so hurry! 🥳🥳💕💕💫💫
We loved it! But the due date is about today so we might pick yours!
hi everyone it’s Marissa2mac1 my Account got deleted So please follow this account
Raffle winners are up
Hello amazing super talented collager please come to my acc and enter my icon contest ! Make sure to tell lots of your friends and followers to also enter. But come quick due date is December the 16th. Arigrande_101 xx 💖💖💖
hey! ⚠️IMPORTANT!!⚠️ so um I’m leaving pc. BUT!!! I want to hand over my account to someone. I rly made this account so that ppl could have advice and here stories. but it’s become to much to handle. SOOOO: I’ve decided to hand it over! comment on my most recent post if ur interested! thanks lovely! 🌸😇💫
would u like a new icon?
hiya- so basically I have a Christmas icon at the moment and I would love to get a new one I would like as many people possible to enter this icon contest so please could you help me and join this thank you so much for reading this comment I hope I’ll be able to see you at my account due 1st January thanks merry Christmas xx🥳❣️🤪 -Unique_vibes
so cute