Love by the moon!! This font (typeface) was created by me as well as my background!! It was so much fun to make :) 🌙 ☀️ love by the moon was inspired by my tattoo !!  (In remixes)

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Love by the moon!! This font (typeface) was created by me as well as my background!! It was so much fun to make :) 🌙 ☀️ love by the moon was inspired by my tattoo !! (In remixes)

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so pretty!❤️
stunning 😍💘🙌🏼
nice! 💕 on my way to the new HP movie rn
aww thank you💗
thank you so much!!!
pretty! 😻
thanks! your account is amazing!! ❤️
you’re welcome :)
thank you! ur entire account is absolutely brilliant
this is super cute!💕🙏🏻
YEEEEEEESSSS!!! I love it when old friends come back to PC!! Yes! All of those things!! lol
This is REALLY cool!
thank u so much
What have you been up to?
whoa 90 cookies is a lot that’s awesome!
what did u make them for?
Thank you! My friend has read that book, is it any good?
oh really? that’s so cool I’m glad ur helping out ❤️
that’s amazing
I wanna help
then again I’d probably eat one lol so I can’t help 😂😂😂
and I will do more QOTDS 💖😘
oh really? 😂
so me 🥰
nothing much just watching lmn
thank you! how did you make this!? 😲
love it! 💞 Is your icon you?
omg ur amazing!! I can just barely skate but my friend is a figure skater :)
COOL! LOL Been busy transferring from online to campus!
ooh nice it’s a great passion 😊♥️
it’s basically lifetime movies
and hgtv is cool
Ok! Trying to make sure everything is lined up and set before I head off so that it won't cause any problems when I get there. I was told because of my grades I get a guaranteed scholarship.
no worries
Pretty. 🌌
so cool😂 Tysm for the follow☺️
thank you💖
u should enter Audreyhepburn24’s giveaway!
Thanks Bestie!! <3
wanna collab??
so beautiful!
your art is always on point, ur theme is awesomeness
this is beautiful!!! I can’t believe you made that!! you are an awesome collager
thank uu!
aww tysm❤️
thank you for the spam!!💙
np! and oooooh that’s cool I kinda want to get a little sunflower and hedgehog 😂 lol I sound like I’m two 😭😂 but I’m just an immature teen👏well anywhooo r you enjoying college? (or r you not going to college)
woah! congrats! and I was thinking a somewhat detailed sunflower but a hedgehog like wait I’ll remix a drawing or something
aww, tysm! :)))
oooh thats interesting, what are you studying?
that’s so cool! 😱
aww thanks for following them 💛💛
I L O V E tea 🍵 too!!! 😂
*sincerely sorry for advertisement* Hi! You are a fantastic collage maker and I want you to join my flowers 🌸 contest!!! Everyone who joins will ALL get a group shoutout no matter what!! 😊 I know it’s winter so I wanted to mix it up with some floral gestures!! Anyways you are a lovely ❤️ person and I would love you to join!! Chili 🌶 Vibes!! Luv 💛😊💐💋 -Ukulele97
I’m good!💕hbu?
btw,This is beautiful
aw thank youu
Thx for the spam! I’d love to do a follow for follow! you’re great!
you’re welcome ❤️
I checked your follow category and my notifs, it shows that you are not yet following me. my motifs may be slow
aww...thank you ❤️❤️ I love this so much 💖💖
I won’t know until next semester, but it’s usually slow Christian!
lol thx 👌🏼😄
thank you!!!
u were totally right, tysm
Thanks 💕
how did u create ur own text and background??
love it
thank you so much! :D
love this🥰
so cute❤️❤️
it would also mean the world to me if you checked out my account it sort of like a blog haha😂🤪(you don’t have to if you don’t want to)❤️❤️
heyy hru
pretty good, dreading going back to school monday though🙈🙈😣
thank you!!!
thx for following me
there. are. words. in. the. sky. LOVE THAT
how are you doing?
pretty good too 😂
school is school 😂
that’s good!
YOU HAVE A TATTOO!!! that’s so cool!!!
wow Tysm. it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you on. I’ve been busy. what’s up with you ?
ok how you been doing?
I’m ok I guess. lost my love of my life to Cancer. still missing a person I’m in live with. it’s hard but we must go in with our lives I suppose. I’m glad I have pic collage. it helps me so much. God bless you are an amazing artist I will always follow you ❤️💜
i really like this❤️
gorgeous 💕
this is so asthetic I LUV it!!! ❤️