Tappy❣️ 08.13.19

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would you like to join Jay in my descendants games
this is amazing btw and I would love to make you one! please could you fill out the icon sheet on my account so I can know what you would like on it , thanks so much!💚
oh sorry I saw that you already did so thanks!, also thankyou so much for the spam! 💖
I love your account and your collages amazing quotes and are really pretty
go check what team your in and round 1 is up
have you any idea of a username for me? check out my page there is an award
sorry it took so long, if you want to use one just tell me which one and I’ll enlarge it💞
hi I recently changed my username and now I need a new icon to go with my username will you come join good luck from Descendants_queen
icon results are out! everyone gets a prize look in the remixes!
no problem thanks so much for using it💚😊
sorry everyone for not answering back...i haven’t been on a lot