This is super crazy and overwhelming, but what do you guys think?💕

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💦TAP💦 This is super crazy and overwhelming, but what do you guys think?💕

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Hi! Just wanted to let you know round 1 results are up for my colour games! Sorry it took so long! Round 2 will be up soon! Thank you for being patient! ~ Madihah456 ☺️
Omg I deleted the post by accident! So I’m trying to post it again! So sorry! 😅
*copy and paste* Hi guys plz enter my first games!! It’ll only take a few seconds but it would really mean a lot! Thanks, -redfox-
Love the new icon!
I think it is super great and looks stunning 🤩
Hey there! Pls come enter my singer games but hurry only 20 people can enter and first come first serve!~Ocean-flow
wow, this is sooooooo amazing!
haha I know it is and I’ll miss everyone here but I’m glad I got to meet so many nice people💕💕
thank you!!
aw I would have loved to get to know you better too xx💕💕💕🥰🥰🥰
happy Halloween round 2 for my animal games is up your team could be in the lead come see on my acc descendants_queen xx
ask tori_life
or fangirl13_yee
or mal46
Hey collager! Round 1 results came out yesterday! And you were one of the people who survived! 😂 But anyway round 2 is now up and due on 26th October (6 days). So make sure to get your entry within the time! Good luck! ~ Madihah456 ☺️
no problem!! you’re awesome!!
yeah I think so too
I love this 💕💕💕
I made the sunflower collage come check it out rate it out of 10
you are excellent thank u for the idea and information
thank you <3
I think this will be your2nd feature
nope but sorry that’s happening to you
hello collager! I’m holding a VOGUE games and would love it if you could come and participate! the scoring system will be announced in a future post! only 5 per team so hurry! 🥳🥳💕💕💫💫
thank you so much!!!❤️🥰❤️
no problem💞
we can do it anytime I don’t mind doing it today or tomorrow
pretty xx🥰😘
amazing collage also for the animal games so you want to do the background or doing the text
aww...how sweet of u! tysm❤️
yeah I knowww I personally haven’t updated it but from what I have heard it’s absolutely horrible and you can’t view collages without them being cut off and stuff
love this!
aww thank you so so much!🥰✨
of course we can! shall I do the text and finishing touches and you find a background or make a background?
maybe flowers? I don’t mind.
yeah if you’d like to as well
alright, okay! you take your time with the background! no rush x
yeah okay! check my remixes
💕love it 💜
aw thank you! and wow this is so pretty🥰🤩 and I’ll love to be friends
awwww thanks!!!!
Pinterest Icon Contest on my page! Please enter! xx
Tysm for putting my name on the talentedcollagers account! That’s so sweet! 💖
Thanks! I’m so glad to b ur bestie! x
okayyy I won’t I promise🤞danggg pc really needs to up its game
Aww! we should definitely collab some time...I’m free in like 2 hours
Oki I’m ready now! xx
shall I make a chat page?
I made it! Just check in my most recent remix!
Check the chat page!
hey!! I was wondering if you would like to collab! please comment your answer. I am so excited to (maybe) work with you! -ofon
Check the chat page!
it’s alright. thank you
Come check the chat page! xx
ok that is fine with me
maybe it’s a type of glitch that’s happening... i hope they can fix it tho bc it’s annoying :/