This is a collab with the wonderful dreaminghappily, she is so amazing! I did the bg and she did the amazing text! I just went on a trip with my family to Hawaii it was so much fun! Beach’s or Pools? Aotd: Beach’s 🏝🏖


🥥Tap🥥 5/2/22 This is a collab with the wonderful dreaminghappily, she is so amazing! I did the bg and she did the amazing text! I just went on a trip with my family to Hawaii it was so much fun! Beach’s or Pools? Aotd: Beach’s 🏝🏖

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hey Lucy!! welcome back from ur trip, this collab is AMAZING!
aotd: beaches! ❤️
you both did a great job 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
so, I thought that we were doing a peachy theme bc I already put the text on the rainforest bg since I decided I liked it so much!
aotd: Beach’s
btw welcome back!!! how have you been??
aotd: both
Lucy this is AMAZING!
Hawaiii? I’m so jealous!😂
you guys worked together so well!
aotd: probly pools but I love the beach too
I love the colors in this!!!
oooh you have Pinterest Lucy?? what’s ur user?
also just a reminder to give credit for the row of flowers and how it was inspired by my old bio please! thank you!
thanks :)
so cuteee
Aahh this is gorgeous 😍
awee nppp how are you Lucy?
you are welcome 💕💕
I’m okay lol
btw TYSM 💕💕
ty for the creds lucy!! I appreciate it! 💕
Great!Its open again!
im good but new post!!
aww tysmmm!!
OMGGG tyyy Lucy how have you been?
awww tysm💓
ahhh that sounds like so much fun!!!! horse riding is pretty cool! it’s rainy here so just staying in all day
yaya i love it!!!
and thank you soo much!!!! that means the world to me!!!
i had so much fun doing this with you! <3
awww thank u lucyyy💕☺️ and btw you did amazing on this one!!! 😍
ooop I didn't realize it was actually a collab!! you both did amazing then☺️💗
thank you so much for your kind comment!
also, Lucy u can still enter the giveaway!!
it’s still open!
and thank u so much!! 💕
stunning :)
haha that sounds great Lucy!
I've been fine thanks, just quite inactive in pc!
Amazing collage! <33
aww thanksss
oooh that’s cool! what are the stakes for ur bet?
Gorgeous!!! I’ve been doing great lately! hbu?
I’m not collating at the moment because I’m pretty much inactive but maybe some time in the future!
You have HORSES?? wowowwowwowoow!!! 🤩
what are they called??
my mind is blown you’re literally amazing~
aotd: pools I went to the beach yesterday and the water was so cold and salty lol 💙💚💛🤍
Thank you 🥺💕
heyy lucy 🥰im good thanks! hbu? i missed u sm😊
aww ahaha 😂 yea I remember a lot of that! its rlly fun talking to u!! btw im starting first day of school tmrw since i had a break off😋😋hbu?🥰
omg, so sorry lucy! have u block that girl tho?
aw that’s so adorable!!
rn, its like 9:35 pm😎
you’re probably right! but she already did some stuff on my acct and I don’t want the collages she associated with to be deleted..
yea sure lucy! what is it? im ready lol
oh ehehe heyy
btw i think im going to sleep now, byee🥰
I’m sorry but it’s either a spam or 3 bgs!! I found the old prizes collage in my drafts! since u found them all, you get to choose.
tysm! that’s a great idea
how are you?
ikkk i’m actually crying it’s so sad
love the new pfp
hey Lucy how are you?
and yes I read your comment on @r_rox’s collage it’s really sad that Laura is leaving 😔
ty for being so nice to me!!! ily 😘
tysm 🤗
yes i hope she comes back soon.. i dont want her leaving :(((
aweee ty Lucy!! ♥️ and I truly don’t know maybe you can just ignore or block maybe?
how are you?
anytime♥️ and I’m doing good just doing some homework
haha is it math?
I’m doing geography working on an assignment that’s due tmrw about population growth across Canada
it’s always math lol 😂 what is it I can try helping
ahhh nppp:)))
omg I think you should block or just ignore
Hi Lucy if the h@ter is bothering you feel free to block them
Can we collab?
thank you!
No problem:)
hi i just saw what liana commented and just letting you know that you shouldn’t block bec if you do and the h8ter liked ur posts or commented on them they will get deleted so please don’t
and trust me i know from experience
idek what to post yet 😅
hey Lucy hru?
thank you!! ah, I don’t have any tips on making my collages :”)
Nice to meet you Lucy!
I do have a main, but I’d like to stay anonymous
My name is Emilia, but I also go by Millie or Mills
of course Lucy! is the h@ter still bothering u?
bc I’m just ignoring them and that works pretty well
Thank you! That’s totally fine!
I’d love to be friends :)
thanks! and hm,, usually I start that type of collage by getting a lot of background elements that go well together, then I add whatever figure/person I want to in a corner lol
from there its just arranging the text and putting other pngs/doodles I want :D
ehehe I’ll probably be back at the end of this year, its just that i need time to process my life progress lol🥰🥰
btw choir is doing great but i am nervous to perform it lol🤣
ofc Lucy! you can delete their messages and continue to ignore!👍
hey hru?
Chat page for you and your student is up
I’m doing great thx
I’m wondering if you would like to collab?
Thank you ❤
omg so prettyyy 😍😍!! hru?!