WE HIT 1k!!!!
Special thanks to -sweetenerstreet-
Love y’all my roses

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TAPPY WE HIT 1k!!!! Special thanks to -sweetenerstreet- Love y’all my roses

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I'm working on the text with r collab I'll remix it to u soon👍Sry I've taken so long I've been kind of busy💕
Hi there! My birthday is coming up, and my followers want to do games! So here I am hosting the birthday games! There will be 4 ppl on each team! make sure to sign up and be on the team you want! Have a great day! 😊💕
Round 1 of the birthday games is up! make sure to enter your entry by February 5th!
*warning self promotion coming up* i am having a meme contest over in my page of you could enter that would be amazing 😁😁😁
Heyyyy! I'm getting back to you about using my edits for some of your collages!! That's is totally fine!! I would actually love that!!! Tysm for asking 💖💕💖💕
round 1 is up! xx
I did
*Copy and Paste* Hey! I'm holding a battle of collages on my page and I'd appreciate it if you entered!!! PS these are inspired by Razz_Follow so thanks to her!!!
Yeah sure can I do bg?
Idk, yellow theme?
that’s my new theme
also what theme do you want for our collab?🌿🌸💫
Can you do the background and I do the text?
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Ok, tysm! 😋
Ok... so it's been a hot minute since you remixed be the bg fr our collab, and I'm really sorry it's been taking this long😓 Usually I remix the stuff for collabs really quick but I guess part of the reason I had a problem with this one was becuz it didn't really match my "theme" I guess?? I was doing posts on celebs and trying to do complex edits that I was stalling r collab so I could post it at a time when I wasn't doing edits on celebrities. I'm really super sorry about it I hope ur not mad
*celebrities and complex edits
So, I'm going to work on the text today if ur still up fr it....And I would have to post it next week becuz I have so much to post this week. I'm really sorry about this, if you don't want to collab anymore I understand.
Ok thanks so much so sorry
CONGRATS🎉!!! and I love this
Hey sorry this is a copied message, but I just started a new account I would love to have your opinion on it thank you❤️
hey excuse me would you mind to give like to my three recent posts please ❤️❤️