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okay but this really got me in the feels.
ooou I’m so ready for the accompanying poem 👀 I always wonder if what I write in cards are genuine or if cards are the only time I can truly let people know how I feel about them. my card writing persona is just so different hehe
⭐️thank you so much⭐️
wow i love this, so many feelings are coming up with this!! ♡ & that sounds nice though, chilling is always a good idea haha!! skiing was great, it was sunny every day & the snow was very good - it was so much fun🫶🫶 how was your day?? xx
AWW THANK U!! you're so sweet anouk ♡
can’t wait for the poem that goes with this I already know it’s going to destroy me 😫
also thank you so much !! 🥹
thank you! this is so cool
no I totally get that. I’ve always loved pc because it was a strange limbo between strangers and my closest confidante. like we’re close because were not yk? I totally understand the privacy thing.
im not going anywhere yet, but im always open to other socials or apps for the future :))