Qotd: do you shop at sportsgirl?
AOTD: I have before


Tap! Qotd: do you shop at sportsgirl? AOTD: I have before

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AOTD: nup not really
wow beautiful
btw,Idk if I asked you th8s already but..Wanna be friends?you seem like such a kind person and your collages are actually #goals💕💕🤗🤗
Yyayyayayayayya Wanna chat?🥰🤗
I’ll make a chat page❤️Whenever I reply I’ll put 🎶
aw thank you
BEAUTIFUL 💐💛😊 AOTD: I’ve just now heard of sportsgirl 🤣
*sincerely sorry advertisement* Hi! You are a fantastic collage maker and I want you to join my flowers 🌸 contest!!! Everyone who joins will ALL get a group shoutout no matter what!! 😊 I know it’s winter so I wanted to mix it up with some floral gestures!! Anyways you are a lovely ❤️ person and I would love you to join!! Chili 🌶 Vibes! Luv 💕🌷 -Ukulele97
tysm! 💖
oh sorry I forgot to say only enter once!
hello! um this is for the contest... im sorry for the lateness of me..I had lots of school drama going on and is it ok if I do it by myself? I’m not a big fan of group calabs...everyone just stays silent
and uh
I have aDHd so it just feel anxiety and stress, so I feel so incomplete when it comes to group online prodgects
and uh I don’t wanna let my group down so....thank you so much for understanding and uh
congratulations you are in team LaurDIY 👏🤪
AOTD: yesssss
i really love 💗 your stile