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in glad your pneumonia didnt last long 🙏
thanks mom 💕
same here. pc is so ded
I’m glad ur pneumonia didn’t last long xx
i’m glad you’re ok!! and yah the updates are so annoying
actually most parts of the civilised areas of Australia are on or near fires😬
hii mom💛love you
^^yep @serein apparently the fire is all over Australia which is really bad :( over half a billion animals have died and over 8000 koalas were killed as well :(((
ooooof take it easy for the time being then! it’s great that your pneumonia didn’t last long
Yay! I’m so happy that you’re better! ❤️
aw no it’s okay as long as you can talk to people about it, that’s awareness💗💗
im glad ur doing good :)) and omggg yesss the pc updates are SO flippin bad
like it frustrates me sm
honestly like pc is dying and it’s like the company doesn’t even care
i’m so happy that you’re better❤️
welcome back
and your not wrong
so I don’t live anywhere near Australia I live in USA 🇺🇸 but I’m pretty much going to pray for you guys xxx
i agree the new updates are sooooo horrible