I tried to make something new :) this took me a little time but well hope you guys like it 😊♥️ and also tell me what do you think about it ✨


♥️TAP♥️ NCT-Taeyong❤️ I tried to make something new :) this took me a little time but well hope you guys like it 😊♥️ and also tell me what do you think about it ✨

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be honest please 💗
well you are a good editor ☺️
awwww thanks ♥️♥️♥️
and what helped me over the years is just practice and inspiration from others but making that inspiration into my own style
re:// Yea my family is MEXICANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN but I wasn't born in Mexico so it just in my blood
ur not a bother!
ah, no it's alright! i didn't know you followed back..and YES NCT!
fjfjsjdjfd it’s amaizng
you’ve gotten so good at editing since you first started piccollage
yes you definitely have :) and even I’m still trying out new styles
awww thank youuuuuu
re:// Thank you! And thanks for believing in me!❤️
This is amazing !!! And omg tysm! That means a lot to me 💞💞
re:no problem! i love your account its amazing!!
Hey , so I actually love your style !!!!!!!! It’s so unique yet interesting! Would you be able to help me out ??? IM A HUGE BTS FAN and I was wondering if you’d be able to create a few backgrounds / screensavers for my phone ?! If you can , can I please have one about jimin, one about kookie , and one of all of them ! If you can’t , you still inspire me and you’re awesome ! Thanks anyways xxx
Awwww thank you ! EVERYBODY who sees this has to realise how nice you are !!!!!!! Thank you sooooo much , and I mean it . Ur collages are SO good xx
I’m not very active , but if you could tell me when ur done it would be very appreciated! Can we be friends ?! Xxx
You seem really nice xxx
I got to go to bed rn , but I’ll talk to you later xxx
congrats on the feature too xx
re:// Thank you!❤️
thank u ☺️
omg 😱😱❤️❤️❤️❤️
thnxs so much, i was just stressing out about it
thxs so much, i didn't know u were from mexico? thats cool
aww <3 thank you!
same, what part of mexico, my fam is from hidalgo
this is beautiful
thats cool😊
re:// thx 🤧🤧 imma need it FOR THE NEXT TWOOOOOO WEEKS UGHHHHH
Re:// no lol don't shoot yourself 😂😂 And tysmmm ❤️
YES! LETS GET TO 300! I’m just gonna do what I did with -Min_Genius_Yoongi- and comment on accounts to follow you. Haha, but let’s just hope they don’t snap at me and say they already follow you which will happen bc a lot of people follow you bc you’re amazing!😂❤️
re:// Aww, no problem my friend! You deserve it! And don’t cry!😂❤️
re:// You will be soon once I start commenting on random accounts. It’s gonna be hard to find someone who doesn’t follow you...😂
😂😂❤️ thanks fwiend
thanks beautiful
thanks and yes it is the chic JB💕💕💚🐥... btw the this is cool😳
Re:// thanks 💞💞 And lol ikr 😂 Yesterday I listened to the Euphoria one and my first reaction was : "Omg Jungkook is freaking everywhere 😂😂" And loool yesterday while I was listening to 8D audios, my sister started spraying water at me and I'm like "What are you doing?" And she's like "You'll feel like you are in a concert! " Which didn't work cuz I was fully wet after a while 😂😂
Re:// lol exactly 😂😂😂😂😂😂
hey , have you started the backgrounds yet ?!!!!! Xxx
don’t worry. I won’t leave you behind 💕 thx u for understanding
i won’t leave PC. I am going to organize my schedule and have times for you guys 💖💖
and thx you so much ☺️🙏🏻💕
don’t sweat. it will be fine. I now I can have time still.
ohh I I wish the best that u will do great at the final exam 🙏🏻☺️💕
anything for my friend . the path looks far but it will get closer to finish. ik u can do it💕
re:// thanks!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
awwww thank you!
re:// thank you so mucheu!!! again❤️❤️❤️❤️
hahahah that could've been a A.C.E pun lololol "WOW so WOW"
and thanks btw💞
re:// Thank you!💖
could you do one of ten or mark. I think you would do an amazing job on it.❤️