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Posting a winter poem on what was a sunny day for me :)
this made me sad. a friend break up is hard.
this is
it’s like me and SonicTheGreat 😭
yess i’m busy too! currently a lot going on whether it’s academically extracurricularly or mentally πŸ’€πŸ˜­πŸ©·
and what a nice poem. 🩷🩷
aww thank you !! <33
this is so touching, your poems always break my heart + they are always very beautifully written <33 ahh that's cool !! in fact i still don't understand this tradition cause why would a rabbit hide eggs in the garden ?? anyways.. it was always fun :))
of course !! that sounds nice though.. my week has been pretty good - but very stressful :// anyways.. next week will be great, one of my best friends who moved to china a few moths ago is coming !! do you have any plans for next week btw ??πŸ’•
thank u <3
thank you!! your work is also amazing :)