Entry to @-ForeverBliss-‘s battle of the collagers!
What do you think?


Tap Entry to @-ForeverBliss-‘s battle of the collagers! What do you think?

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thank you!
aw thanks xx
I love this!
thank u💎 I’m doing well, thanks for asking! how r u?
hey Ellie!
love this! how are you?
I’m googled hru?
my friends and cousins are here!
what about you?
contest results out
pretty good, just trying to stay active! it’s so hot where i live!
mostly just art and reading, tho I’ve been slacking a bit on the latter😅 you?
your welcome you deserve it your so talented
that’s great :)
✨ ROUND 2 results are posted! ✨ also, make sure you submit your entry for ROUND 3, if you are still in the competition! thanks, good luck! ~kaia
I’m great! Actually we are driving on our car because we’re going on vacation!
I’m doing great actually, thanks for asking. how about you?
no unfortunately:/ my dad doesn’t want a pet so... just got to wait till I’m older an can move out
this is so stunning
hi, I’m good just chilling wbu? ☺️
I’d absolutely love to collab 💗
what would you like to do?
same, I don’t mind either ☺️💓
ok no problem, what theme/style would you like? ☺️💓
ok, would you be able to comment on a collage of mine you’d like it to be like? 😂💗
i’m doing alright, just watching youtube and chilling✨ you?
ok, I want sure how minimal 💜😂I can do a background like the collage you commented on with the pineapple
i’ve been great wbu?
cool and no i don’t but i wish i did😫 always wanted a dog but my family’s always busy and going places and my parents don’t think we could keep up with a pet
i used to have a fish tho🐟 that didn’t last long...my mom accidentally killed him, um- long story😂 wow i’m so good at conversations bringing up a dead fish tf
mMm well that’s debateable👀 i may or may not have a fish ghost haunting me yes
yessss i love reading, hbu?
wooo that’s what i’m talking about👏🏽😂 i love books and alrighty! cyaa
thank you :)
hiiii I’m good hbu
love this!!