Collage by Marimeta_Gal3


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I was thinking maybe we could go with a beachy theme
is that okay with u?
I will do the bg and pngs
actually we can both do pngs and i will do the background and u can do text if that is okay with u
I will start looking for backgrounds and can u start looking for quotes?
also do u want a more beachy retro background or beachy tropical?
I found cute bg for both
so the top left
so I am doing the top left background with one of the tumblr girls and when I am done you are doing the text and u r going to right let the sea let u free?
just clarifying
which pigs? I have some but are there any u want me to use?
pngs not pigs lol
sorry I am not great at this! it is my first collab
do u Ming doing the text so I can see it before I start on pngs? 😬
o ok
I will do the png tmrw bc I am rlly busy today with dance
I ended up having time today!
sorry it isn’t great
when r we posting it?
ok thx!
im posting now.