ask me anything :))

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Q AND A!! ask me anything :))

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would you rather be in a room full of spiders for 10 minutes or a cage with 2 hungry lions for 2 minutes?🤔😂
^lions, you never specified how big the cage was so 😏 and i’m terrified of spiders
how old are you and what grade are u in school?
i’m 15 and i’m going into 10th grade
favorite vacation? craziest/most embarasing moment? happiest moment?
going to nyc with my aunt, falling backward out of my chair in the middle of my drawing final, and my mom buying me twenty one pilots concert tickets
OMG! You deserve followers! How are you not famous with your art!?
awww thank you sm!!! i wish i was ❤️
how r u so beautiful? yes, this is a question im expecting an answer
i’m not thoooooooooo and tysm💕💕
how are you this good...at life?
i’m not cath but ily🥺
What kind of music are you into?
alt rock, indie rock, and some pop