one of my fave collagers livinghope- did the bg! go follow! i did the text! check comments for a life update concerning my last post before this if u read those comments


🍁collab🍁 one of my fave collagers livinghope- did the bg! go follow! i did the text! check comments for a life update concerning my last post before this if u read those comments

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so abt 3 days after i told you all abt my best guy friends ldr with that girl she actually had to end things due to her mom and i was like wow the timing after i had just decided we would be friends and i wasn't gonna tell him anything😂 anyways the day he told me they broke up he asked so what would you say abt us (as in me and him) like are we in a relationship or what is this and i was like idk what this is and he was like well we could and i was like i wanna wait till we r older and he was like ok but no one had to know and i was like i seriously don't want things to end bad so we should be friends. i also know he likes me due to what he previously told me like 2 gf ago and the rzn i'm hesitant is he switches girls quickly but i have been consistent so i don't want a relationship rn well tuesday
he told me that i looked rlly pretty that day at school and i was like thanks and then he sent me a long text abt how he didn't know how to describe it and he knew that he liked me he just didn't realize how much he actually liked me and had never felt this way abt anyone and i was all like aw thanks but as of rn we r still just friends and we haven't rlly gotten to talk to much since that day so the next time we talk a lot i'm sure a relationship will come up but i still haven't expressed any feelings abt the subject bc i rlly don't want a relationship rn and there's this new guy i like that's my age and we r starting to let him in the friend group and he's friends w all my guy friends so yeah i kinda might start liking him and this guy knows that so idk i just wanna be single i think this is to much 😂😂😂
so pretty 🤩
woa that’s a long message!
THIS TURNED IT SO GOOD! I loved collabing with youuuu! 💕💕 I would love to collab again soon!! 💞
Also thank you!! You're one of my favorite collagers too! 💞
np 😉
Thanks, I love yours too! Sorry I haven't been on much, got stuff going on!
y’all did great!!! it’s so pretty
I’m not sure if you remember me but it’s Erin from _meraki_ and neptune-
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yay! I’m happy u r entering!!
would you like to collab??
this is amazing omg
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thank you so much! you’re too kind 💕
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omg ur so talented and sweet!! can I ask how old you are
lmk on one of my posts
love this❤️
Amazing collage also we should definitely collaborate sometime
Amazing collage also doing thoughts and Opinions on my account