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Hi anyone I’m amirah
hi anyone I’m tori, looking for a pal
hello i’m Jordyn
hello anyone i’m Zoe
anybody , one night stand ? x Somebody who’s dominant 😁💦😈
very sorry for the late reply x
hey i’m chlóe
just some school things :) i missed you
i can see that aha :)
hmmm. yes
your decision
hi there, i’m stella xoxo
if your sick of being single , then be my boyfriend - alexis
thanks sweetheart
should i make my own account , sweetheart ?
yes :)
hello sir, i’m anthony
that’s all you
hii, i’m jacob (:
nice to meet you too, how are you?
why so? - i’m good, by the way.
you can talk to me if you want, i’m here; but, you totally don’t have to (:
i’m just a nice person and it seems like you need someone.
i understand, i’m here (:
hi -kelsey
hi hi I Ellie !
hi i’m adam. xo
Hello, i’m Gianna
hello there, i’m joanna <3
hey there i’m brielle
hm, i guess your bio wasn’t wrong when you said you were a bit flirty
honest observation ya say? very sweet of you mr. mamas boy
treat me? sounds like you’re considering sweeping me off my feet any time now hm?
hm interesting i’d love to see this
got anything in mind?