Hi. Me again.
omggg could this be the start of regular posting??

[i can tell you with 100% certainty it is not. pffft.]
About the random spores floating around in this collage... yeah I can’t explain that😂


Hi. Me again. ••• omggg could this be the start of regular posting?? [i can tell you with 100% certainty it is not. pffft.] ••• About the random spores floating around in this collage... yeah I can’t explain that😂

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and omg i- love this so much 🤩
and yes please i wanna see your posts in my feed all the timeee 😂
ack I forgot to put it in the caption 😞I’m a dope pfft. check remixes👆
OH mY-
this is absolutely stunning!
no problem!!! I love this!!!
I never knew a combination of anatomy and mushrooms would look so good together! aha seriously tho, I am obsessed with this collage. The neutral tones look amazing with the dark green background, those colours compliment each other very well. That central skull png is insanely cool to look at and is definitely a unique statement feature of this collage. With the mushroom pngs, I like how you can see a hint of the yellowish-brownish background. It gives a vintage vibe when matched with the dark green background. The mushrooms look especially good behind and partly in the skull. It gives it a cool visual effect, kinda like smoke but it’s mushrooms? (A mushroom cloud - lame as joke lmào) The white text is simple but it has a unique point of difference which is how it fades a bit into black. It might just be me but i noticed in the areas where it meets the black spots in between the pngs, it kinda fades so it’s not that solid white colour anymore. The white text down the left hand side on the mushroom is a great, subtle detail. I think I might be going blind cause I didn’t see the word “apathy” written on the mushrooms first time I looked at this. Now that I see it lol, I love the yellow/red combo you used for it, it matches too well with the mushrooms! The white doodles are the perfect finishing touches, especially the smoke one (it’s a cool asf drawing). You’re honestly so talented and every collage showcases it perfectly! 💗💞💞
re/ thank you! I can only dream of going to Spain at the moment. I hope I live a long enough life to actually fulfil that lol
re// I’m really flattered you called me an esteemed art critic 😌 considering you’re an exceptional artist yourself, I really really appreciate what you said :)
aww no worries. x
bro idk how u do these amazing edits but i’m really glad u do cuz they honestly make my day :) like just knowing ur this talented is like woah
woahhh this is so cool
and thank you❤️
wowwww this is so amazing🤩🤩🤩🤩
ahhh np🥰
no problem at all :) your posts are visual masterpieces and I really do enjoy looking at them 💗💗💗
oH dAmNnN but ig it’s worth it!
woah this is amazing!!
ahahahahah me toooooo Heheheh it’s making me sound like the biggest introvert chill person ever😂which ig is true
aww no I meant that I like zodiac memes too😂sorry! I need to be more specific:p
bahahahah wHat iF wE aRe yeAr 5’S
happy New Years eveeee🥳🥳🥳
this is so beautiful wth 😭💕
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aw thank you!!
Happy new year! 🎉🥳
aw thanks
congratulations on the feature
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wow wow wow 🤩
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this is gorgeous! I love the style. Keep making beautiful collages!
This is so beautiful and cool you did an amazing job
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this is really cool!
🥵is it warm in this comment section or is just me oh I figured out what is your collage it’s so hot 😏😉Just tryin to be funny ain’t workin
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love this!!✨
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this looks so good
omg this is AMAZING