Blue collage! Haiiiii everyone how are you guys doing?💓🌸💞I am so happy it’s a Friday today😝🥳🤩weekends are my fave😉🤣😅Enter my contest if you haven’t yet🤗😊😜this isn’t actually so good, I made this probably 1 or 2 months ago😏🤨🙃

640x640 shootingstars-

💙Tap💙 Blue collage! Haiiiii everyone how are you guys doing?💓🌸💞I am so happy it’s a Friday today😝🥳🤩weekends are my fave😉🤣😅Enter my contest if you haven’t yet🤗😊😜this isn’t actually so good, I made this probably 1 or 2 months ago😏🤨🙃

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ah i love this so much! 😻😻
Gorgeous! 💞
so beautiful!!!💜💜
this is beautiful ❤️❤️
No problem!💕❤
you’re welcome ♥️
so pretty xxx
thank you ❤️❤️
hi! i’d love to be friends! i’m jenna. 💞
no problem!! ❣️
thankssssssss!!!!! 🤗🤗🥰🥰
Sorry I dont mean to snoop but I saw one of ur comments saying ur in 7th grade and I'm in 7th too!💕✌ Want to be friends?? :)
Love this and yay It’s Friday!😂💗🎊
thanks! I love this colour scheme
aww thanks, I love your name too
btw this is beautiful!! I love the stay strong lettering in the corner
it’s not but thank you 😊
I’d love to be friends! Sorry I took so long to reply!💖
Thank you!! 🥰🥰
thank you for the nice comments! I love this collage
tysm! ❤️
sure i’m ellie :)
sure I’d love to be friends it seems there is lots of stuff in common between us
I’m in grade 8
thank you! My name is Sarah, it is nice to meet you Myra! 🌸🌸🌸🌸
hi maya! I’m karma, I’d love to be friends! your account is STUNNING btw!
omg I’m so sorry it autocorrected your name 😑
gorgeous collage!!
yes definitely!! I’m Abby💗
that I you am for everything, and yes, we’re already besties😂❤️my names sayde.
aww ty! you’re so sweet! is it okay if you tell me a bit about yourself?
tysm! How long have you been on PC?
wanna collab
I started June 2018
that’s awesome! I live in the americas, but I’ve always wanted to visit Canada. I’m a freshman in high school right now, and I have two doggos named Buddy and Max. I do a lot of drawing and I’m actually coloring stuff for one of my classes right now!
also, I have massive respect for you learning to play the piano, I don’t have the patience to learn anything 😂
Lol 😂. Thx 💖
thanks 😂
well mostly edit wby❣️
this is beautiful xx
yeah I play a bit of piano
thank you!! 💕💕
Hii ty for the spam and lovely comments!! <33
tysm💗 You deserve 50 Million features
yea I would love to Mayra! my names Eva 💓 💫 xx
my names Liana! 😁 yass lets be friends 💞
wow that’s cool we have a lot of snow here too❣️
could we collab
Ahw thank you so much!!!
yes are you❣️
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aww tysm! I love your name tooo 💓 💫 xx
I live in Toronto💜
Aww thank you so much!! I wanna get to know you! What’s your favorite color?
do you play classical piano or more of like pop
im alexa!! nice to meet u mayra uwu
ur so sweet thank u omg
aww ty
thank youuuu mayra 💓
love the name mayra ♡ ilysm :,)
how was ur day? xx
aw no prob!
Omigosh thanks so much! I’d love to be friends! :) I’m Kat, it’s a pleasure to meet you! xx
lucky!! i want snowww😭😩
Absolutely Mayra! Your name is stunning! Thank you for all the sweet comments! I adore your account and I can’t believe I haven’t seen it before really! I’m Pie (well my nickname is). xx
aww thanks! and OMG THIS IS AWESOME
i live in the south (united states) so i don’t get much snow but ur so lucky! i love snow & the cold
wow Mayra is such a pretty name! 💞 I would love to be friends 👋
heyyyy mayra!! I'm meg 🙃🙃 this I actually soooo beautiful !!! and if luv to be friends ☺️
I’m Neha! Btw, I LOVE this collage! teach me your ways....
and.... turns out I’m already following you. Your so good at this!
ooh I love this!
aw no problemo Mayra. you deserved it :)
Aww thanks. :)
omg I love ur collages can u plzzz make me an icon?
sooo pretty!!
yess I would love to be friends with u!
tysm!! 💓💗💖💕
and yessss I would love to be friends with you 💕, my name’s Tyra 💙
thank you so much for all of the spam! I appreciate it all very much!💕💕💕
Im from UK and i year 8
thank you! 😊
I’m Simran! and this is beautiful 🤩
Love it 💕
thank you! this is amazing
hey! sure, I’m called Hannah 💗 thanks for the spam of nice comments 💖
sure! I’m Millie 💕💕💕
this collage is amazing!!!!! this is kind of like meandmeonlys style and you did it amazingly❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
ty! you’re so naturally kind! I wish everyone could be like you! there would be so much more positivity in the world. btw, this collage is perfect!
Thank you! Of course! My name is Michelle!
Lol no in year 8 you are 12 turning 13 so im the same age as you😂
haha thank you so much, I’ve never heard Mayra before 💖
I hope this is okay✨ sorry it took so long
I’m lovin this bluuuueeee💙💙💙
so stunning! and no it’s amazing!