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STILL no captions?? Pc is really sleeping. Also pc is clearly in its yearly inactive period and I'm already done with it 💀
dàmm this is not what I was expecting for this and I’m totally ok with that 🫢😫🫨 I totally thought it would be abt hallucinations and seeing ppl in your dreams but this hits SO. MUCH. MORE.
@cap: and then holidays come around and we get the yearly post from everyone and anyone 😅🥲 fr tho, I feel like PC is just letting the community go? they’re not nurturing it at all. no more contests and a lot more premium content
regardless, your posts are always a breath of fresh air when I’m online ! I hope that if anything were to ever happen to this space that we’d still keep in touch <3
this really hit me, you are so talented Anouk 💗
of course <33
thank you! oooo I've always wanted to go to the Netherlands, I've only heard good things about it :)
yes austria is a beautiful country, I've been there two or three times! It's not very far away from where I live, you can just go there for a weekend. yes, we're often in France but always in different places! have you ever been there?
ughh I wish you the best, hope your ear heals quickly! I'm doing okay, I've been very busy bc of school this time but it's my father's birthday tomorrow and we're going to a restaurant in the evening !
what have you been doing lately?
wow this reminds me of this one song my friend covered!
I love this!
oh my gosh this is so stunning
thank you so much anouk🩷
how are you doing?
I agree, there’s so much potential that’s going to waste. pc was a pioneer in creative focused social media. now things like Pinterest are catching up while pc slacks 🙄🙄
that was intense
of course 🫶🫶
that's amazing! Which parts of France have you been to?
thank youuu :))
that's so cool! I really admire horserider; getting an animal to do what you want is certainly not easy
wow, i am simply speechless
super late reply but thank you :))
that sounds amazing! I've been to Paris this summer haha
that's cool! how was your day btw?💓
Aww thank you so much Anouk!!