09.06.19 「t a p」
sorry for the long as break. i had to study for assessments for all my classes smh.
QOTD: worst activity you've tried?
AOTD: skiing - I jammed the lift with my skis lol


09.06.19 「t a p」 sorry for the long as break. i had to study for assessments for all my classes smh. QOTD: worst activity you've tried? AOTD: skiing - I jammed the lift with my skis lol

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tap the caption for the qotd !! answer if you can 🥰
lol, my group is a mix of popular girls and bad bxtches expect for my close friends which is the drama free group
AOTD: idk, but maybe football bc I'm not very good
also what fonts do you use in these
I’m drama free group😅
AOTD:s oc e e r
oooo your school seems interesting
I’m in drama free lol
imma drama free group
my name is lia too but its spelt leigha
AOTD: ahah horse riding lol, I love skiiing ahah especially wake boarding!
there should be a crackhead group but I guess I’m the drama free group. my grade is legit the only grade in the whole school that’s drama free
aotd: swimming, I tore a hip muscle and found out I had hydrophobia when I reached the deep end, let’s just say it didn’t end well
ahah well I was just sitting in it doing nothing, ahah
wait are you in your icon?
aw thankyouu!! ahh ahaha
aww thank you so so much
I was doing backstrokes and I must have stretched to much I tore a muscle. I was legit crying the whole time and the car ride to the doctor was so painful I just wanted to die
my group is like the group that’s not popular but still has drama, but not the try Garda because we don’t rly want to be popular and we’re all friends
*try hards
AOTD horseback riding because I fell off
so true! aotd: swimming: i can swim and all but on swim team i’m super slow and running into lanes😂
thank you! and np!
sorry about your skis😬😬😬 aotd: Tennis
aw ThAnkyouuuU
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the bad bishes at my school don’t even have a table they just wander the halls 😂
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yeah, you make a good point-and I would support the act-if it didn’t have the sports issue AND the other flaws in it. the law also crushes religious freedom and parental rights, not to mention women rights-so those are the main reasons I don’t support it. if it was changed and made more equal though, I’m all for it. 🤷‍♀️ thank you for for being respectful and polite towards my opinion, I’ve had like three people come up and saying that I didn’t do any research and that as it overall benefits the LGBTQ+ so the law should be passed 🤷‍♀️ personally I feel like we should see both sides first before judging and find a balance
thank you btw 💓
aww thank you ♥️
that’s a really good idea actually! I wish they’d also classify cases that aren’t discrimination-for example, charities, schools and churches whose religion think that the LGBTQ+ is wrong will be forced to shut down-they should probably change that unless they’re openly hating on the LGBTQ+, it’s not classified as discrimination. some people were brought up in court as well-I know that there was a Christian baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple because of his Christian beliefs and got brought up to court multiple times. they should probably reserve parental rights as well 🧐 I wish that they would change the law, it would be much more better for both sides
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oooo I’m definitely part of the drama-feee bunch :)))
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I am the Drama Free Group lol
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ooo nice! well Lia is not mY nAmE (my name is Liana xD ppl call me Lia),, i’d love to chat 😊
re:// thank you I hope you have the chance to go someday too 💜
thank u 🥰 do u have insta or twitter?
my group is the drama free group lol
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ahh tysm
skating I’m like alright but not constant w it so every time I do skate I have to remember and practice all over again
I love your name and yeah I would most definitely be down to chat
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I did it’s just that when I do play my friends always do that
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to answer the caption question, I unfortunately would have to say water skiing😅 (I’m not the most “athletic” or strong of sorts, so when I could not hold myself up it did not end very well for me!)
thank you :)
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Tysm! I also just live surrounded by mountains not actually on them
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thank youu, this is so interesting oml my school doesn't have like any defined grps ahah
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fishing lol
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just read your carrd cuz why not and I love your name it’s so pretty aLsO hola como estas?(&that’s about all I know)😁
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i am?!? well thanks man. i’m prolly gonna wait until i get my laptop
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lol I would love to be in the drama free group but all my besties hang out in the others 😔
sooo true
Proud drama free group
very true!!