theres a lot to unpack here but lets just throw away the entire suitcase !

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#patoorevolution theres a lot to unpack here but lets just throw away the entire suitcase !

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you had 209 followers before I spread the message that you promote hate. you said the same thing about me and I gained over 20 followers. Everyone knows you promote hate and I don’t. ❤️
now you have what, 174?
you are LOSING this battle. get over it it and GIVE UP
❤️Good will always defeat evil❤️
^^ Shes right
^thx for actually agreeing with me for once, I thought you were incapable
anyway, Leila is apologizing, and you are just making the matter worse. This is just a hatepage for me and Leila at his point
I never said I was against transgender individuals.
I want to understand them, not fight.
^seriosuly stop it’s not a hatepage for you, it’s barely mentioned you
^^ um that means hating Trans ppl
^ she don't hate trans ppl
Oookkkkay patwo! Just accept that this one failed! I see that you deleted your little violin collage making fun of me and your collage about you being a hatepage. Don't worry I know that was an accident! So I saved them for you! Might post them with a few other "receipts" from the grocery store I acquired but idk I'll see what the weather is like today! And if it's really really sunny out gonna be sending them to PC. All seven of them. FYI Your transphobe thing megafailed lol I talked to enby. Not only do we have a lot in common, our views on being transgender are aligned, AND we both agree that your behavior is deplorable. SO! Let's see what the weather is like patwo! ;)
I’m pretty sure being against trans people is being transphobic
also, I noticed that there was a petition to get rid of an lgbtq+ hatepage and she said something about how it doesn’t go against policies, but when she sees a hatepage towards a cis girl, she tries her diddlydarn hardest to get rid of those pages
^ Once again, I never said I was against transgender individuals.
^ "she said something about" that's a pretty shady thing to say about such a strong claim. Second, I'm not sure how much you actually know about the lgbt community... but gay and lesbian individuals are cisgender.
I’m not supporting this
Hey hedwig over here, I’m not 100% sure what is going on with Leila and enby but that is for THEM to sort out for themselves. it isn’t up to you and it isn’t up to me, nor is it up to anybody else so why don’t you just let THEM solve THEIR problems without butting in and making everything 5 times worse.
This isn’t even a “revolution” or “movement” account anymore. Its all showing what people have done wrong. Just stop. Everyones tired of it
Guess satan didn't tell you what to post today....
^oooooof solid
y’all just stop fighting it only makes matters worse don’t attack people
your account is trash
you’re literally an owl. like what’s up with that
^^ hahahahahah Leila 😂👏🏼
this isn’t a “revolution” to fix Pic Collage anymore. it’s a hatepage. this is ridiculous
this account is OVER. FINALLY
hi there, can i just say something? some of these posts are actually really rude to some people and can be called cyber bullying. I am not homophobic, nor trans or any of the LGBTQI+ family, but i do think that it is extremely rude to post all of this stuff. What you have done is called CYBER BULLYING. so please stop cYber Bulling people who have a right in this world. thank you.
oh you finally left. Good. no more hate from you
attention all users: stop commenting on this page! it’s over, and there is no need to fight or get upset over old posts 💗 @patwo has been inactive for over 4 days now, and we should consider it inactive. So stop commenting 😂💗 love you all, -Lauren
this isn’t even a revolution anymore smh
Honestly I'm down with this account, there's a lot of unaccounted for transphobia/homophobia all over PC and whether it be casual gross comments, or complete blatant transphobia/homophobia I think it's important to address such. Unfortunately people on this site don't understand the difference between bullying and calling someone out for saying something rude/false.
And I think*
But alas I'm late again, this was interesting while it lasted
It’s done. let’s just all stop commenting.
why do you hate leila?
hi !!
aren’t you a page that promotes hate
Wait! Don’t make a hate page! You said you want to make PC great again! I hope you can continue working on that 😘 ❤️
And also, don’t hate on Leila she’s an amazing person and I’m sure you are too ❤️
not like you could do any better than her
I low key agree with you on a lot of the things your saying but if your going to call people out please spell correctly, it’s spelt sweetie. I support what your saying but no one on this platform will take you seriously if you don’t spell correctly
re//: I agree with you but if you don’t spell correctly no ones going to trust you or listen to you.
lol I bet she does follow her mum
and plus you don’t “play” pc you post things idiot 😂
don’t hate on ppl coz if their differences
live love laugh! Leila first/^(