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I finally posted again- have a buncho random inspo rn. Kinda copied my old text *shrugs*
Somebody get me help I just finished a CHRISTMAS COLLAGE. It was 5 months til Xmas yesterday! 
More info in comments! *wrings hands together*


•tap for more• 7/26/21 I finally posted again- have a buncho random inspo rn. Kinda copied my old text *shrugs* Somebody get me help I just finished a CHRISTMAS COLLAGE. It was 5 months til Xmas yesterday! More info in comments! *wrings hands together*

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Okay sorry for all of this (forewarning) but I’m trying to create some semblance of a theme for my account. And I’m sorry for this horribly sucky collage rn I made this right after my break and it’s just shows me being super rusty. Took way longer than I wanted it to, way longer than it should considering how little is in this collage. But anyway I actually have a plan for the future which is a first although I really can’t promise that it is going to look all that great. So my new idea is to kinda create a posting schedule for myself and have most of the collages premade in my theme before I even post the first one. I feel like this will help level things out in my account and help get me rolling again after the huge break I took. So my new idea is really kinda wacky but I’m starting to really like it. My first idea is called “Everything you can imagine is real.” It has doodled people in every single collage and I’m not sure how that is going to turn out because I haven’t really used the drawing tool before. It’s more of a dark and beautiful theme that goes along with real world problems of everyday life. I’m trying to be more involved and am going to be trying to send a message with every collage I make, very contrasting from my typical style. I’ve had the plan to do about 4-5 collages in each new theme I do, with about maybe one or two posts a week, with a week in between each theme. This is my plan and goal, and hopefully I won’t fail miserably. I do have another couple of themes planned out, but I’m going to try and keep them a secret from now on! I’m hoping to start my theme in a couple of weeks, after my family goes on vacation (we’re leaving on Friday!) Anyway I thank you for reading all of this and I hope this is as my mom would say, a crowd pleaser!
awwww shoot I got cut off - Anyway thank you for reading all of this and I hope that this is (as my mom would say) a crowd pleaser. I will be experimenting with this so please bear with me! Thank you guys so much if you got this far and I’m sorry for taking up all of your time and thank you so so so so so so much for reading all of this stuff and I hope you enjoy Everything you can imagine is real!
aww ava tysm that means so much. i really hope our friendship does live on, love you girl.
awww thank uuu
cant wait for the theme!
for a moment I was like what sUrpriSE?
and thank u. still figuring some things out tho
i like this! very simple :)
i need Christmas 😭
im excited for the new themes!
love this! especially how simple it looks :)
i feel like everyone is doing a restart and branching out into new themes, so excited to see what you come up with ava!☺️
I won’t I’ll try 😭
ahh thank youuu ✋🏻
GIVEAWAY on my account!! i would rlly appreciate it if you would check it out!! EVERYONE gets PRIZES!!!🤍🤍 luv, 𝓇𝑜𝓈𝑒
and yeah hehehe, I try to be v open with my emotions and that tends to evolve into deep stuff <3 and yeah! I did say that 👁👁
this is literally the best
this is beautiful I love it sm!!
zach😍😍 i got so mad he isn’t real. talk about dream guy...
thank you for understanding!
hey! voting on my contest is open! check out the remixes in my latest post to vote!🤩
Thank you so much!
this is stunning!
Hey! This is me, Flying_Frogs. I’ve decided to make a extra account were I’ll be able to host contests and chat. This will allow me to keep my main account a bit more organized ☺️🐸 Come check it out! (sorry for the copy paste, feel free to delete :)
*sorry for copy n paste* hello! @peachyxeditz here, aka Izzy! I’m trying to get to 500 followers so I would rlly appreciate if u could maybe check out my acc? I’ll be doing a small give away for my followers once I reach 500 😇
Thank you!! Glad to see it made your day :)
Pretty sure he’s a puddle, it’s my best friends dog 🥺🥺 tysm
haha thanks funny! yeah I still don’t have my room all decorated 😳 but I’ve been good! hbu?
that’s *
hahahaha! normally a non-descriptive long page like that leads to longer stuff!! but I’ll keep that in mind <w
I just realized I said long page, I meant short page 💀
Hi! This is Me_4life but on a different account because I don't want Lxvely_vibezz to see this! Her birthday is coming up and it would mean so much if you could go on my recent post (on this account) and say happy birthday!
thank you!
💙hello!💙I’m @SonicTheGreat and I just wanted to say I LOVE your acc☺️I think you do an amazing job on your collages👍🏼I was wondering if you’d like to collab sometime with me😁I’m not trying to flatter you into collabing with me, but if you don’t want to, we don’t have to☺️
thank you! ❤️
that’s ok! I understand, I just back from a 3 week break at the beach. yes I’d love to collab, I will definitely keep in touch! just tell me when you’re ready to collab☺️💙
if u want, you’re welcome to enter my contest! it might bring back some of that mojo😉
tyyyy 💜💜
tyyyy 💜
and yeah I try to have real life experiences with my poems/quotes <3
Wallowing is a word 😂 it kinda means to like stew in sadness tho 👀
oh my gosh😂😂 my dog would be so scared of the deer lol but that sounds fun!!
I forgot to mention, I love your username, it’s sounds so beautiful❤️‍🔥and ur bio, it’s amazing!
thank you!
oh well I couldn’t rlly find any emojis that would match and I thought that in the quote it said crybaby so I decided to put the baby bottle. is there a reason why u asked 😂😂😂
lol ur fine😂i saw ur old username when I was scrolling through your collages. I was like “Runner1212-? who’s that?” and then I thought “Ohhh that’s probably Operose-‘s old username”😂
thank you so so much!!
haha it’s okay
haha that’s awesome what’s your dogs name? mine is Hazel
this is gorgeous!!
ahhh thank youu 🥲☺️
well you made a good choice! it sounds really pretty
you’re welcome! I look forward to collabing with u!