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I can make a couple others if that one isn't good 😁
Hey Just-that-Weasley-girl, can u enter this project that im doing. it due by friday, and the info is on my latest post. thnxs
hey I’m having a games on my page! if you’d enter that’d be amazing! No pressure to enter tho, I get it if your too busy or something👌🏼. Thanks for considering😘
Teams are up for the games!
I’m so excited that we are on a team together for the games!
Round 1 is up for the games!👌🏼👏🏼😁💚
heyyy it’s Bella ;) not sure if you remember me, i was -plastix-, this is my contest acc. I’m havin a HP game
would love if you would join ;)
hey! Make sure to enter round one! Today is the last day to enter!😄😊
don’t forget to enter the contest! so glad we are on a team together!😘
hey! If you are you still participating in my games? If so pls contact me in the next couple of days or I’ll have to get someone to replace you
sorry I had to disqualify you from the games because you didn’t enter the first round:(. I hope you are active again soon!💚
plz join my Disney games! the final day to sign up is June 30! sign up is on my page
Omg it's been forever since I was on
I loved deer your collages!
Hi, I was just wondering if you want to do a collab with me? If you do that reply to one of my posts. I have not been active on PC for so long!!!!😜
hey everyone I would love it if you entered my Harry Potter Contest! 😊 Sorry for the self advertising.
Hey this used to be @Rainbow_Forever12 I changed my username to @shootingstars- (sry for the copy and paste message!)
I haven’t been on in like agessss
can i enter?
miss u 💞
i just logged onto my account, my other one that i can’t log into is “aestheticalli” and i can’t believe i remember you!!! miss u