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Hey I would love to talk- Lani
that face *licks lips and smiles* its got me thinking thoughts...
yea papi * plays with your hair*
how are you
couldnt help but wonder what your like in real life *smiles mischievously*
wish you were on more, this would be alot more fun if you were :)
*puts leg on either side of you and wraps arms around your neck* and what would that be papi? *smirks*
*plays with the ends of your hair* i think your trying to intimidate me, but i have already intimidated you, am i right? *whispers into your ear*
I’m good...I guess
*gasps and hooks legs behind your back, smirking* thats how were going to play huh?😉
Cause i can play dirty to *pushes you to your back and crawls on top*
*moans and rubs against you* your not much a talkative person are you? *smiles*
*arches back a little and lets out a sexy moan* ~trent~ *grabs a handful of you hair*
good papi :), You?