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don’t you have anything better to do? just leave the poor girl alone
Ew bro bet your parents don’t love you ether that girl Is out on the internet slaying that sxxt she’s beautiful and whoever you are I wouldn’t care do you have nothing better to do if so than that’s just sad like leave her alone bro she’s not embarrassing herself she’s slaying the runway don’t know what your talking about if anything you’re embarrassing YOURSELF
haha that’s where your wrong! My parents love mah UWU
blocking you
leave steph alone b%ch
all you want is attention man - go to your gf or some sh%, don’t be doung this to steph
at least i care about SOMEONE - you’re rugged
yo what’s wrong with you?
leave steph alone, before I teach you a lesson. dontvyou dare touch her, leave her alone, or I’ll report you and have you done for
where’s your face?? why aren’t you showing it? oh right 🤦🏻‍♀️ it’s because you don’t want anyone roasting you 😂
okay then let’s see it.
This isn't funny
the best way to get to the point is that you can not get the one you want
leave her alone and get off PicCollage you äss