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I'm so sorry you're having trouble with inspo. If you would like I could remix a tutorial I made for someone else on how I do my most recent theme but I still need to perfect the style more. I really don't want you to leave PC. Just lmk if you want the tutorial. Or you could ask xXStarDustXx bc she is soooooooo good at this style.
I'd Looove to Collab with ya
You don’t have to make your collages complex to make them look good. I, personally, prefer simple collages.
hiiiiiiiiiiiii. it's been sooooooooo long but I'm back!!!! Ik that some accs that do REALLY well and are on the pop page or whatever it's called, some of them do really simple collages but they're SO effective!! 💜💜💜cookies-and_cream💜💜💜
also I'd love to collab againnnnnn!!
aww I'm sorry you're feeling this way, but I hope you can believe me when I say I honestly love your account, simple edits and all. In fact the simplicity makes you more unique and I can tell you put in just as much effort. xo