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kai kai
hi bb
sorry for not replying busy with college
also i deleted kik
because it was so boring and i barely use it
i love you too babe
Love you too kairex
hi kai imma go make a kik real quick
i miss you sm
i hope you're on tonight <3
hope you're doing so well at school 🤍
omggg i got so happy because your name just popped up on my notification 😻
but y o u
that's y o u
o n l y 😼
i missed you too a lot 🥺
no no nooo lies there 😔✋🏼
that's most def you 😼😻
like what the fū ck
👍🏼 no you ONLY 👍🏼
there's no cap 🧢 whatsoever
it's been well i guess but college is already bothering me
how's school for you? :(
nope no boys
don't want any boy at my doorsteps. they're nerds
my teachers won't let me see my friends at break and lunch 😾
it's because of circle
and i hā te it so much
👍🏼 i'm on
i swear if you're not on i will throw hands
yes they are 😭
like thursday we had to like stay at the same classroom for the WHOLE day
not circle i mean bubble but it's the same thing i guess ahahaha
no i didn't enjoy it 😔 i got boring people in my classroom
hmph they think they're so funny but they're not
omg my teacher had to say "this is my favourite group" all because we're so quiet
wow that's so annoying but why did i laughed 😭😭😭
there's this one kid who brings others down but proud of it at my classroom
he got this one so angry omg
and he storm out of the classroom
they just think they're the favourite at the classroom honestly
this guy in my classroom wears some fancy clothes and thinks he's like some 80s guy
he's 20 and he's wearing sunglasses at this month of the time
he don't even have social medias
and also he thinks he's gonna get girls on him
are you gonna simp on him over me 😔
:((( I miss our talks as well
I’ve been okay pretty busy with school and the lil man 🤧
how have you been?
kai 😠 i don’t appreciate being ignored
ohhh okay okay good job!!
if you’re sure ;( but how’ve you been man, long time no talk
i was just KIDDING but i'm kinda jealous that you said he's cool though :(
is he cooler than me? 😾
kik* 🤧
come back soon❤️❤️
i hope you're sure about that because i will cry
like 👁💧👄💧👁
okay okay good now i'm happy 🥺
oh my god i miss your cuddles and kisses
rad name. i’m delilah
thank you. nothin much, just woke up and stuff. what’re you up to?
gordon ramsey 🤩 whatta babe
i’m watching reality tv and snacking on some strawberries
gimme some 😾
i miss you bb
that's all you though
gordon ramsey :0 i don’t ever remember hearing about him in what feels like forever
is he still his cranky old self and insult everyone in his path 🤠
personally I love watching him on those hotel hē ll shows or whatever they’re called, because hes hilarious
or is hē ll kitchen? i don’t remember
hey hey
meh im surviving wby
i h8 that u dont talk to me anymore 😡
hii sorry i've been really busy 🥺
i also miss you so much
i have dark mode on and this app needs to update so i can see what i'm typing 😾
i really hope you have a good day
you're so cuuuute as always
you make me smile a lot
hi i wanna make a paragraph of how cute you are. firstly you're so sweet and you make me smile a lot. you're too adorable like always, it makes me sad that we can't talk every DAY like i'm so sorry and i also haate when we're not on at the same time which is so annoying. i mis talking to you so much: i CANT see what i'm typing ugh 😾 i gtg now bye lovely <3
kai omg now i can click posts. are you okay?
please tell me you didn't leave