#0️⃣4️⃣ Favorite Ravenclaw? (check remixes)
It has to Luna!💙 Oh, and I also got the cursed child book!💛😱😘😌 It was AMAZING!💕 
#Keepthesecrets #featuremyfandom


#0️⃣4️⃣ Favorite Ravenclaw? (check remixes) It has to Luna!💙 Oh, and I also got the cursed child book!💛😱😘😌 It was AMAZING!💕 #Keepthesecrets #featuremyfandom

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I just finished the book and it was so good!
and this is AMAZING!
I LOVE this!!! Luna is BAE
absolutely amazing!
thanks so much!!! This is just stunning as well!! 😍😱
Loony Lovegood.💙
Thank you this is wonderful!😱😂
thank you!!
your welcome!
Thank you so much!!
Luna is definitely my favorite
Thanks :)
This is amazing!💙 On Twitter the hashtags were #KeepTheSecrets and #Don'tBeWormtail😂😂
oh and have you read the cursed child yet?? omg it's so amazing!😍😭If you haven't, don't worry I won't spoil it👍🏻😂
thank you🌙❤️
it's so so good😍🔥ahh I did NOT see the end coming tho😂I thought the cursed child was Albus but nope... Voldys kid🙃
love it!! I'll miss you too. keep loving Harry Potter, im sure you will. 💛💛
Congrats! You won 3rd place in my contest :)
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Luna! duh!!
I love your account so much! It's beautiful!!💕 and Luna is my fav too!
You deserve it
You so sweet💗💜 I don't make perfect collages... I always think they are not so good
thanks so much! you're so nice✨😊
That means so much because yours is THE most amazing!!
Thank you😊❤️
WOWOW!!! and omg!!! I would love to!!
this is so good! I want to read the curses child so bad😭😱💕✨
aww thank you! I loved the Cursed Child, though Albus was a jerk most of the time😂
thank you😊💜
TYSM! That means a lot!!
Hey! You have just under 24hrs to enter round one, sorry if it's really inconvenient😁
you came third in my contest!
so, with the collab, do you want to start??💕👍 or me?
thank ya so much!
this is absolutely amazing!!! and thank you!
I'll put the picture in the remixes. :)
thank you!
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omg lucky😂😂
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erm... in case you ever come back
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