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gorgeous girl! ✨💖
☯️check the recant☯️
✨Hey, Saylor here! I just wanted to inform you that I’m hosting The Modeling Awards of 2021! I just want to let you know that there is early voting...You can come do an early vote for the Champion of 2021! The model that wins, will be the champion of 2021! I will explain the rest later but can you come over to my page and vote… Early voting for whoever you want but I can only be models! This will be one of a kind and I will be so glad if you came and voted! No drama please, and if you don’t win this (this only goes for models) please don’t be mad or start drama, because PicCollage is not the place to do this… I came here from models and models only💓!!! May the best Model win💖-Saylor Grace✨