Collage by Rose-Cr3me


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YAY! Thx so much
re// Do u want to do bg or text?
well... if u don’t mind, can I do text? 🥺
cause u r SUPER GOOD AT BG
re// ok sure!
So, what theme would you like?
I’ll go with whatever you may want.
re// sure I will check a soon as I have time :)
what theme would u like to do?? 😂 I am super bad at choosing a theme; it takes forever for me lol
I actually wanted to go with the “flowery vintage theme” that u do in most of ur collages
Can we do a Rose one?? cause I haven’t done a collage about her in a long time 😊
How about I make a remix on this collage, and you can take a photo of it to change it up?
I was also thinking on if we could make a whole complete set for out collab.
Like about 5 collages for our collab?
ooh nice!
We should totally do a set of collages!
ill put the Text in ASAP :)
is there a certain place u want me to put the text in??
Not at all! Be free to do as you would like!
ok then, would u mind if I put in a lyrics from a song?
No, not at all! Do whatever you may like!
Hey! Guess what?? I’m done with all the texts!
Do I like it?? shall we post it now??
Heyyy Rose_Cr3me! Since we are friends, (Do u consider me as a friend?? I do 😊) I was wondering if u could tell me your real name?? If u don’t want to I’m totally fine :)
If u would like to know mine too, my name is Sally Kim 💕
this is amazing! Also, yes! I consider you a friend too!
You can call me Nicole by the way 😊
If you want, you could send me your phone number and we can chat off of this app!
also, we can definitely post it now!