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hey man im gonna hook you up with a girl my sisters name is Tiffany she’s single and she’s looking
but you might wanna hurry cuz a lot of boys are on her account now btw I’m on her account and she loves
bites on her neck
so bite her on her neck
and she’s 18
Ok man
hi hi, I’m Eden
*giggles and blushes* I don’t mind sir
*looks up at you innocently as I play with my skirt* how are you sir?
do what mister Chris? *continues*
*gas ps a little and tilts my head to the side to give you more room, placing my hand on your head so I can run my fingers through your hair*
*smiles excitedly as I trace the hickey, having never had one before and looks up at you*
*kisses back deeply as I stand on my tip toes and continues with your hair*
*smiles and pulls you closer*
hey mister Chris
I’m Tiffany
can you please make a chat page for us
I’m Kandice
Tiff I didn’t know you had pc
yeah I do I wanted a bf
*whispers to Kandice he fine isn’t he!?*
right back at ya