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i know i know :( im so sorry that I have just been so inactive yall. life (mainly sch) has been just draining me that idh my energy to even come online and making me so unmotivated lately, quote by me. 
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🗞8/3/22🗞 inspired by gem @GemQuotes (1/3) i know i know :( im so sorry that I have just been so inactive yall. life (mainly sch) has been just draining me that idh my energy to even come online and making me so unmotivated lately, quote by me. comments ꨄ

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hi to those who even bother to be in the comments and read this <3 anyways like in my caption, I truly apologise for being so inactive but I did say that I would be on a break for the month of february, kinda dragged it a little longer into march, sorry about that. good news is that my exams are over, did okay from them, got a couple of As…fortunately, didn’t fail any. haven’t had much motivation recently, going thru a little tough times rn and if you’re going thru a hard time as well, im always here for you to talk to me :) I swear I’ll try to be as active as much as possible for the rest of the year unless sch/life just drags me down again. hopefully I replied to everyone, i apologise if I didn’t reply back to you.
well, my pc 2022 new year resolution is to get to 2k plus by the end of the year (it’s impossible, come to think about it. ppl ate literally unfollowing me every single day) and to basically stick a specific theme every month, meaning I have a specific colour theme or aesthetic to try out every month. so it was obviously not achieved in the first two months of this year and so, here’s an attempt of me trying it for the month of march. hoping that I’ll be able to stick to the theme and my schedule :”) just a heads up, what every month/theme will consist is around 2-3 collages with a poem at the end of the theme. if there isn’t a poem then I’ll either replace it with a collage or just not post 💀💀 and I’ll definitely be doing collabs in between (some might not be related to the theme because im not gonna force anyone to follow to my theme, unless they would want to). i think for now, I might be open to a few collabs…maybe 1 or 2??
for the month of march, *drumroll please* the theme will be — a bnw theme!! i honestly haven’t tried a bnw colour scheme recently and wanted to try smtg new for this month :) and march is also women’s history month, so I’ll be using these two themes for this month. definitely will accept any of your criticisms on this collage and the theme because it’s smtg new for me and I would definitely want to seek for your advice. for this theme, there is a poem at the end, currently haven’t completed it but heads-up, it’s rlly long- and so in this theme, there will be 3 collages and a poem :) oh and happy international womens day!!
some rant (lol): recently, I feel out of place on pc, like I don’t belong on here anymore…I keep on losing followers every single day, and I do notice it. it’s pretty obvious honestly (well, for msg. ik that some may not intentionally mean it, maybe they just left pc, deleting their acc etc…but like it hurts to see my followers just decreasing every day (or when I’m come online). it’s been over 3 months since I got to 1k and I’m not even at 1.1k. I mainly blame it on my inactivity and I apologise for that. back then when I was rlly active, literally online every single second where some would even ask how am I online all of the time, even new accs would come and follow me etc. and now I just see other follower counts rising and all that. ik this isn’t like impt but to me it is. anyways, main point, is that I feel out of place on pc…kinda personal ngl but just wanted to let this out :) that’s all for now, thank you to those who even bother to read this <3
sorry about the quality :”( had to save the background/text/pngs together because I exceeded the “50 elements” limit and had to use the overlays in another edit instead- so it kinda ruined the ending result, and so I apologise for it ☹︎
@ caption: *error* — idh the energy not my energy 💀💀
This is stunning!! The b&w looks so good and the text and the doodles just lool perfect 😍
Don't worry about taking breaks, pc is for fun, not a chore. It's alright that you take some time off every now and then. Also goes for being active, like you should only be as active as is good for you, don't force yourself :)
Oohh the theme every month is such a good idea!! Very interested ❤
Pc just hasn't been the same. It took me like half a year to get from 1000 to 1500 followers and now, almost two years I haven't even reached 2k yet. It happens to everyone. It's just not as popular anymore and that's okay, but that also means we should expect less. I feel like you always get lots of likes and a lot of people like you and your page. There are just less people around. I know it's a big deal to you, but honestly it shouldn't be. Focus on the comments you do get, on the friends you have on here. That's all that matters. 2000 sounds cool, but it's not like all of them will have conversations with you, you know? It's just a number. Stay strong ❤
The quality is fine!! I have to safe it in between pretty often haha
I don’t even know why I’m constantly on low power mode 🥲 I just started using it whenever it wasn’t plugged in haha
but to be fair, my battery does last longer! for real!!
also I completely agree with what anouk said above ^^. pc isn’t the same as it was before, and with restriction easing up again + the whole global issues rn, a lot of people are leaving. I’ve seen it happen time and time again and I understand how much it stings to watch pc become such a ghost town.
the interest in this app is dwindling, and while it really sùčkś I can’t really blame anyone. just want to reiterate that pc is meant to be fun, and focusing on the numbers has consistently been one of the reasons why people leave. I understand if you do, but because the app’s population is inherently small, it’s more beneficial to focus on other aspects—like comments/convos or the messages people spread in their art.
I’m sorry you feel out of place, but for what it’s worth, when I first met you, I knew you’d belong and fit in just fine in the community. you’re thoughtful, well spoken, and extremely talented. if you ever need to talk, I’m always open.
(also if you respond, maybe respond to my main, I’m logging out of my extras now haha. I didn’t realize I typed a long paragraph with my extras 💀)
Lyly this is absolutely gorgeous,stunning, beautiful and all that!💖❤️😍😍
I love how you posted it on womens day! and oh Happy International Women’s day!💕
If you ever feel down or just need to talk, I’m always here for you,I understand you and I can relate!❤️
Also about followers I would say I lose followers almost everyday usually at least 1-2 or more! I do get sad so I get you, but then I try to remind myself that that’s not the real reason I’m here for so dw abt it too much! and I would love to collab with you and give you shoutouts so more ppl follow you and maybe you’ll meet someone new!
Congrats on not failing the exams!👏🥳
this is absolutely gorgeous 🤩🤩🤩
Back to followers… I really noticed that this app is ecoming like a dating app?🤨 yup and that’s true a lot of people make fake accounts and use them to talk with other ppl like them! and that’s not what pc if for so idk how to stop this!
New themes every month sounds so cool! 😄👍
also I love bnw themes and I’m very excited for it this month!
this has so much power in it
also if you fell like you don’t belong here bc ppl unfollow you etc, I think that’s because you post less and comment less on ppls pages so some don’t even know this this acc exists! which is not your fault! but a lot of ppl are on break or just left so makes sense pc is so dead!
But I think you really do belong here and you spread very important messages!❤️
also the layout is just perfect! I also had the problem with “no more than 50 elements” so that it kinda annoying! but this still looks incredible!🤩
sorry for such a long spam of comments!
Thank you so much! I made the collage using the app Rhonna Designs, which was a popular app to do text on pc back around 2015/16. Hence my caption lol. There is a fine tune option that lets me place the text exactly where I want so making it center was easy. The app costs money tho.
This is truly a masterpiece! You’ve outdone yourself! 🤩
Never apologize for being inactive, whether it’s from school, no motivation or inspiration, or personal reasons. You are allowed to take breaks. Don’t think of pc as a chore. Post when you want to.
I think goals are great! Monthly themes are a cool idea! However, I just want to say, numbers don’t mean a thing. Pc is definitely not the same. People come and go all the time.
You belong. If you find joy in creating and inspiring, you belong. The number of followers does not matter. What matters are the people who keep coming back to your account to see what you’ve created.
aaaah stunning!! and omg i'm so excited about the themes!!😍💓
this is absolutely beautiful!! I adore the quote and the images you used, it looks so pretty and works really well together!!
@caption/comments don’t apologise for being inactive, we all struggle to come online at times because of things irl that take priority, you should never feel bad taking time for yourself or to focus on more important things. I’m so glad you did ok with your exams and didn’t fail any! I’m really proud of you!! I’m sorry you’re going through a hard time, I’m always here for you if you need anything at all. don’t worry about replying to me or whatever, I really don’t mind, I understand there are things more important
I do get the feeling out of place on pc, I’ve been here for around eight years now and this place has changed so much. to be truthfully honest it wasn’t really hugely active in the first place, but compared to then now it’s very quiet. do not worry about followers and follower count, I’ve been stuck on 1k for two years now and I probably won’t reach 2k for a while and I really don’t mind lol, as long as I can talk to my friends and post my silly little art them im fine and I will still continue to be here even when everyone else leaves, it’s part of my childhood. I really look forward to this new theme, I can’t wait to see what else you make for this month!!
re//: hehh he be my lil driving buddy :] and tysm! that means a lot to me since I have very little confidence in myself,, I’m glad you went to the beach too and had fun! it was absolutely pouring with rain so we were drenched before even reaching the sea, so it didn’t matter how wet we got. the friend who drove us wasn’t happy though since we had to dry off somehow before getting back in her car :’)
This is so gorgeous and I'm so exited to see the new themes!!💞
Congratulations on getting mostly As I have missed seeing all your beautiful collages on here and I can't wait to see more
I really do think you belong in this community even if you don't think so you matter to over 1,000 people you should be very proud of yourself for coming this far!😊
I'm sorry your losing followers that’s terrible I lose about 1-2 a day it is kind of disappointed but I try and think of all the other people who follow me! Hopefully your doing better after all your exams remember I'm here to talk if you need!
This is so pretty! You really made this collage beautifully <3
Don't apologize for inactivity at all. We all have separate lives away from from PC, it happens
I definitely relate to feeling out of place, it happens as well. With your current position, there might not be much you can do, but do the best you can because you are amazing and can make it work <3
YES!!! I love this collage! so truly FEMINIST
don’t apologize for ur breaks! it’s totally understandable
aw I hope ur ok, don’t worry about comments, that’s ok! hope u reach ur goal!!
Stunning and beautiful your an inspiration to so many people
I just wanted to thank you one more time for being an excellent judge. I'd love it if you applied to be a contestant for the next contest and I'll keep you in mind as a backup judge in case a new judge doesn't participate. One more time, thank you so much!
This is absolutely gorgeous! I honestly don’t know how you can literally make all of your collages so good lol 😂 Congrats on your exams, and I hope you enjoyed your break! Your mental health should be a priority, not posting for us. This collage sends such a good message out and the b&w theme is perfect for this topic. Everyone feels out of place every once in a while. Everyone just blends into the background sometimes. I love that you are strong enough to go out and acknowledge it, which is something not many (including myself) want to admit. If you need help, or are ever feeling really down about this, talk to me please. 1K is still amazing. Just because you aren’t going up doesn’t mean anything. You deserve recognition and a feature for every post. Stay strong, stay healthy. Don’t loose yourself when you’re on here. You are the one that matters, not the follower count. Take care. Keep making masterpieces ❤️
lmaoooo yeah it's a super long tutorial, as i was making it i was like "dangggg ain't nobody is gonna read this whole thing thru"😭😂 but thank u so much!! i'm glad it was helpful lol❤️
Amazing and stunning we should definitely collaborate sometime
Thank you!! I really to play around with pngs like that :)
Yeah I get it, I used to get like 60, now I'm glad I reach 30. But even though it's sad to see the likes get down, I also try to have realistic goals in terms of likes you know? Like rn I always hope to get 30 at least, cause I feel that's doable. If I get more, that's great, but I'm not expecting to get like 50 likes bc it's just not gonna happen. I think you joined pc in like it's peak, so it's probably only gone downhill for you, but yeah it just depends on how popular pc as a platform is and rn it's just not really popular. Not your fault, not anyones fault.
aaaah thank you so much lyly😩💞 and ofc!!
hi Lyly!! so although it’s painstaking, I just do it one letter at a time, changing the colors too. hope this helps!
reply from extras: aw tysm! for now I’ve been thinking to just have one judge (me) for convenience sake but thank you for offering!! if I have a contest again I’d like to make it bigger, with more judges!
no ur not dumb! it’s a lot simpler than it looks haha
and ty I definitely will reach out, u were great on the collage showdown
Oops- 👀
I'm glad to make your day better, I'm getting a lot more free time and time where I just get bored, so I have time to check in on my favorite community <3
Anyway, how are you now? I know school and life was dragging you down like you said
apple gift cards lol
you’re welcome! I get it, its hard but it doesn’t mean much at the end of the day compared to those who actually appreciate you :)
ahh this is so pretty!!!
everything fits together so nicely ahh
@caption ooo the bnw theme sounds cool! I’m excited to see more of it :))
also i totally understand what you mean with the followers thing— I think I’ve gained 77 followers in the past eight months lol 🙃 I try not to worry about getting less followers since not many people use pc anymore, but rather focusing on the great community that I was able to find <3
i love the black and white theme here dude it looks like it would be on a magazine or something 🤲
@caption- i've been so inactive too life is just crazy rn,, dont pressure urself and be kind to urself! i believe that we can get through this 💪
I feel that yeah
Don't take it to hard on yourself okay? <3
aw thanks!!
but ur edits also look like you used a different app!
especially the v day one, I’ve always wanted to try on of those, any tips?
omg this is incredible i loveee it
and omg i feel u on inactivity, i have not posted since january lol😵‍💫
ahhh tysmmmm
thanks :))
ooooh the message and the edits are so beautiful 💗
eheheh thank u so much lyly☺️💖
Yeah definitely! I can’t remember wich one I commented on💀