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there’s my pretty gal x
yo yo cowgirl
no cap here, we speaking facts 😌
alright, wbu?
well thank you, i felt like the other one was a bit plain
correction...had 😂😂 I still got some tho but I’m not eating any
amber’s becoming a professional chef, well look at that 😳
yesss ma’am
ain’t u always bored 💀 but I guess we cannn
😂😂😂😂uhhhh🤔 we can go swimming
*goes into the bathroom and changes into some swim shorts then comes out* you readyyy
*walks up behind you and pushes you in* hahaha
yeah right *jumps in*
hmu so you can cook for me 😌
i mean we’ve got the toast down so, maybe gourmet next time (,:
shii. nun, just woke up
well you’re not wrong
shush but today has been good tbh 😂 I was off today and it was the BEST thing ever
how has your day been
hxll yea, all I did was relax but why yo day been bad?
well dang😟I hope it gets better ❤️
ehhh it’s been okay, and must be nice
no lol
hey there 😳
lookin vibrant as ever
amber (: heyy
hey love, how are you?
I’m good, can’t really complain
yeahhh okay😂😂😂
now that’s a dxmn lieeeee
when have u ever beaten me up 🤔 cause I can’t recall
I’ll let you remember that dream
so now you’re dreaming about meeee🤣🤣🤣🤣
or the other way around
milk and cookies
oh no it’s reality alright 🥰
I got like 5 boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch😍
yes wayyyyy🙂I stocked up dear😎
*nods* go get it then
*rolls my eyes and grabs it* here *puts it on the counter* aren’t you supposed to be like 6,5 haha
*laughs* don’t eat it all
no thank youuuu
*sits beside you* can I ask you a question
*whispers in your ear* I forgot hehe😅
*nods* yes you may
oh...I guess I do, I kinda don’t know 💀
omg...I actually don’t know 😨
very deeeep
I’m over here Jammin to music🤣
yes ma’am
that sounds....awesome 🙃
bxtch shut yo åss up😒
sorry about yesterday....I’m kinda a dxck which could be a side of me that no one really see’s
you sure
I feel like you’re lying
I think he’s taking a break 🙁
thank you haha, im lawson x
hey kid😅
I’m older so shush😒
tf, what does that mean💀
I swear sometimes you get on my last nerve 😭😭
fxck u☹️
nahhhh it wasn’t fire
it was straight TRASH🤣
ayo guess who got some Cinnamon Toast Crunch 😍