👾 tap here! 👾
This was made for sunshine-dreams contest :)


👾 tap here! 👾 This was made for sunshine-dreams contest :)

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thank youuuuu!!! you’re so talented I love your collages
forgot the date 💗 August 12, 2021💗
wait it the 12th. wow I’ve lost major track of time
same jealousy jealousy is amazing
yo thanks!! I did draw it :))
I use Gelly Roll pens for the highlights! they’re pretty neat
so they’re kinda just taste like the golden oreos but knowing that they are named after lady gaga makes them a million times better haha
i’m sure it’s not weird haha but no problem 🙃
this is so good!💕💕
how has ur summer been?💕💕
Woah this is amazing!!
Loo e your aesthetic❤️❤️💜💜💜
this looks so so good!
awww tys:m!!!
that’s cool! mine has been okay but rly boring :/ my school starts Thursday ahhh
I love this!!!!
I’m really awful at hands and feet, but especially feet 😬😬
Only being honest❤️😉
well oreos are good, but the obvious best cookies are the fudge striped ones haha
happier than ever wbu??
ahhhhhh thanks!!!!! 🤍🤍
tbh horrible
but thank u for asking haha
mine, sorry!!
I love the paper white teeth lol
Whatever picture you used looks scary paper white teeth like
Oml that didn’t make any sense at all sorry ^^
And the people just looked droopy to me. That doesn’t make any sense either but they were not as good as my last and it was bothering me a lot so yeah 🙃
thank you for the nice comments!
important new post!
jealousy jealousy is my NUMBER ONE favourite song from sour. it explains my whole life too well
okay but CAN WE TALK about how talented this gurl is.
like i've tried to make collages like this but they're too ugly
oh yeah and.
with i collage LIKE THIS then you're deffo gunna win the contest 😏
well I don’t tell others my actual name on here but u can call me lyly it’s sorta like a nickname
it has been! I’ve been good, started my Freshman year Tuesday and down with a cold of course haha, you?
AHH TYY and no, i don’t think we have! Im lem btw if you didn’t know haha and im doing alright! how are you?
hmm idk let me think
i could definitely call you froggie but idk if u like that-
haha nice to meet you too
ah wow-
well you could think of a nickname of yourself instead of using ur real name because that’s what I did:3
ikk it sounds funnyyy
Nah it looks fine! I just don’t understand how I have never seen this account before ✋😂 Your posts are ✨beautiful✨
the pending review thing usually means that something went wrong when you were trying to post, but it failed to work~ it's like a bug but if you delete your post (the post that says pending review) and try to post it again after a few hours then it should work
this is so cool
thank youuu
your accounts awesome
I cannot remember the last time that I got a spam like that... 😂 THANK YOU!
You are literally so nice! But yeah, the ice cream was about to melt 🤡 :) I’m Ava!
luv this and ur pfp!!
haha no worries
and yes sleep late squad supremacy 😎
sounds good 🧑🏻‍🎄
thank you 🤍
Aww thank you ❤
oooo i like that!
yeah, i like it a lot!
Thank you! ❤️
hmmmm... Geo..... I like it! I feel like it somehow suits your personality even though a geo is another name for a rock 😂 It has more of a positive connotation so I think of like geocaching and pretty rocks that stand out! I feel like that really does suit your user... Geo! 😂
Yeah, but I think of more of a pretty rock when I hear the word lol. WAIT... so you didn’t know what it meant?? 🤭😂
Definitely don’t change it tho 🤣
I didn’t know I could be in love with a collage until now 🤩🤩🤩
ooo this looks great :)
love this
this is underrated:))
woww!! this is so pretty! love it 💗