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losing followers 😕 idk why 😐
girl that’s gorgeous! I love the text:)💕
you deserve 1000000 follower!
ahh you’re lovely, twin!!
tysm!! You made my day!🙈💕💕
your account is gorgeous!!
I love the colors!!!
And you just gained a new one!!!
so beautiful!! & im doing well!! what about you?
haha, yes, he was the one I ranted about😳 well anyways, I hope things get better. life is always up and down🌱
ok that sounds great though!
tysm girl!🫶🏻🫶🏻
same here! trying to get done before the end of the month haha
so cute
thanks! and same kinda , except my school ends on WEDNESDAY!!😻
i still can’t believe it’s that close😭
oh are you homeschooled? i am but I do my work online so i do it by myself ! also i’m sorry to hear about your grandma! I hope she is doing better now