The format of this post is so wack wth-


tap. The format of this post is so wack wth-

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mM yes pressure sensitivity is so freaking cool, it took me a bit to get used to it but dang I don’t know how I survived without it- and the drawing looks really good!! those memes tho, the police oNE I WISH THAT WOULD HAPPEN TO ME I NEED SOMEONE TO SCREAM OVER LORE WITH KSNDJDNED
your skin looks awesome too :0
re//: I knOW RIGHT- I’m normally a very anxious and shy person but today I wore my dream hoodie out for the first time in ages in the hope to find someone who also watches the smp but no luck :’) and yEa, when I first got my apple pencil I really struggled with pressure sensitivity, I’m still not 100% used to it, but now I can’t imagine drawing without it lol
re//: your art is really good, like I would assume you didn’t use your finger :0 I used mine up until recently, and I still do every now and again but i must admit it does feel harder. man people who use their fingers all the time are just talented, you included