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Very dirty and kinky kitten 😏
-smirks- Oh really now?
Bad enough to deserve spanks? -pulls you to me-
Describe it to me, exactly what you need.
That I can do, especially if you’ve been bad -smirks-
Maybe. Maybe not. -picks you up firmly-
-gropes your āss and bites your neck-
-bites harder-
-smirks and kisses it-
Let ‘em. -licks your cheek-
-sits you on the bed and pins you down-
So, tell me what you did that was so bad.
Ooh, that sounds very bad.. -takes your shirt off-
-plays with the lace, smirking-
I do. -takes your pants off-
Ah, I see. This shouldn’t be worn in public babygirl. -takes them both off-
-rubs your breasts- Sorry doesn’t cut it.
You better be kitten. -licks one softly-
-bites softly and slides a finger in you-
-pushes you back down and pushes it in further-
-pushes them in and out-
Kitten -chuckles- Calm down, my dïçk is way bigger than this.
And they shouldn’t anymore. -smirks-
hii anyone im luna x
hii hannah :) and what was rude?… x
ooh… yeah :/ am alright. just stressed ig. how are you love? x
aw, would you like to talk about itt? x
aw okay, well i am here if you ever do want to talk about anything :) can i help? x
its alright. just friend / family problems. :( x
its alrighttt :) x
Because kitten -pulls my finger out- This is mine now. -rubs your entrance softly-
-takes my pants and boxers off-
-climbs on you and slides into you-
aye whoever said that
thank you thank you :) -Nichole
Is something wrong babe?
-picks you up and hold you close- I can help with that
I love you too
Nu uh.
-kisses back- No kitten no
I’m not gonna say yes -gropes your āss-
Nope. Not unless it’s the best suck ever -bites your lip-
-smirks- Mhm.
-bites your ear softly-
-chuckles- Fine kitten.
Alright kitten. -bites my lip-
hey daddy 😍😍 i'm kitty. remix on my account please ;)