my entry into clear-blue-water’s games🌊 make sure to go give her a follow. she makes amazing collages😘


tap☀️🌻💛 my entry into clear-blue-water’s games🌊 make sure to go give her a follow. she makes amazing collages😘

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this is so pretty 🤩🤩👏🏻
gorgeous shelbs
this is so beautiful
Hi -StarStruct- here um thanks for taking you time to read this but can you help me make collages I'm new here btw your collages are amazing and beautiful 💗Have a awesome day!!!
you are such a great collager!!!!❤️
thank you lovely! what collab?
I’m sorry I’m on vacay and trying to keep up with collabs and games
no it’s ok
where’s the collab? Ithought I sent it
gimme a second
thank you!
ok cool glad you found it! and when you’re done let me know
sure when ever you want to collab tell me
re://tysm and sure!! 💕💕
aww thank you
thank you and yeah sure! I’m Misi!
aw thank you !! whoa so is this😮🤩
thank you for the shoutout
uh the background turned into a pending review, so could you maybe choose a different one or something??
Thanks 💕
thank you!! 💞💘
ahah just look around where everything is 🤩😅🤣
thank you so much!!
no cayman island
ikr! spamming u with likes!
yes yes🥰❤️
yasss totally!!💯💯
your welcome!
aww your just so sweet!
I can say the same about you!
awww that’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard someone say about me shelbs!!! ahhhhh you mean so much to me uoutemlike a sister to me thankyou honey!!💞💞🌸🌸🌸😩😩😘😘❤️❤️❤️
you’re like asister*
aww thank you !! ofc we can be friends 💖
AWW HAHA TYSMM🧡🔥☺️is that a copy and paste message?? I saw it on other accounts heheheh😂
ahhh omg tysm your so kind!! love you too! x
ofc shelbs! I’ll make it asap❤️
heheheh I ain’t judging😂🧡
this is so beautiful ❤️✨
round three is up
aww thank youu💗
*Copy and paste message* Hi there! do you think you could possibly join my Icon contest? Only one person has joined so far! 🌈💖
heyyy!! this is gorgeous! 💚 id love to be friends 😁 I'm Colin 🤗
☁️ROUND 3 OF THE WANDERLUST GAMES IS UP! Enter by July 30th to avoid losing points!☁️
heyyy so for the wanderlust games were paired up haha....what part of our collab would you like to do?
hey so thanks for remixing the pngs, but the background you remixed me turned into a pending review... could you maybe try again or find a different one??
how do u Get space in ur bio?
Yaas I'd love to Collab! Can I Do The Text And PNGs
hey! you asked me to collab a while ago and I couldn’t because I was going on vacation so if you aren’t too busy would you like to collab? I’m fine doing either part and any theme
aww I’d love to collab !! I’ve got a few collabs going atm and school starts in 2 days so maybe next time 🥺but I’d love to soon
I’m so so sorry ;(
thank you so much 🦋
ah okie!
Can we do like a beach theme. Not a tumblr girl
please enter round three
Round 1 is up for the YouTuber Games! Come check out your team!
hey! I’m doing great! hbu?
I’m not following on Pinterest
aw thank youu and hiyaa hru?
I have another hatepage 😞
beautiful posts😍xxx
This is me on my main, and the due date of the Vogue Games is moved to August 3rd 💞 Dont forget ur amazing project so far~
aww thank you!!
yay thanks for following me! 💖💖
gorgeous!!! come check out the results of my Disney Contest💜
I use it but I don't have an account, do u? I would love to see it
could you remix the backgrounds bigger? I’ll try and finish it soon haha- Sorry!!! just remix like 2 or 3
hey, I used to. do you?
*Copy and paste message* Hey! Come check out my 1,000 followers contest enter before August 15th. Thanks for reading this!
ok I remixed it :)
no I don't sadly
OMG YESSS! we should DEFINITELY collab! 🌸🌟🍯
IKR most of my friends do but my fam is very anti-social media
oki cool 💞