-24•03•2024- [TAP]
heyy everyone, i hope you had a great weekend !! my spring break started this friday & i'm so happy haha :) the weather here is so weird, yesterday i wore a shortsleeve top & today it snowed 🌟🌟 anyways lmk what you think of this !!🤭🤭


-24•03•2024- [TAP] heyy everyone, i hope you had a great weekend !! my spring break started this friday & i'm so happy haha :) the weather here is so weird, yesterday i wore a shortsleeve top & today it snowed 🌟🌟 anyways lmk what you think of this !!🤭🤭

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-24•03•2024- [TAP] heyy everyone, i hope you had a great weekend !! my spring break started this friday & i'm so happy haha :) the weather here is so weird, yesterday i wore a shortsleeve top & today it snowed 🌟🌟 anyways lmk what you think of this !!🤭🤭
hiii!!!! that sounds so funnn, my spring break ended not too long ago and I went clothes shopping and got to hang out with friends ☺️ how are you and what plans do you have for your break?? 💗💞
ahhhh! i love this
hiiii!!! how was your weekend?? I have to go to school for 3 days and then I have spring break and I will be off on my birthday which is next Monday, it’s on April 5 and I’m so excited I might go Easter hunt. Anyways, hope you had a great weekend bye!!
I love this!
Amazing and really pretty
how was your trip my dear watson??
CHLOE THIS IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! my weekends been good, I had a competition and I broke my personal record! my spring break started yesterday! how has your weekend been?
also the clothes you got sound so cute omg😩
your text always looks so good!
omg love
sameee I missed you too <3
I'm doing great! My spring break started last week and I have a few plans! Hru doing? When is your spring break btw?
Aww thanks ur always so sweet!
I'll try to be as active as possible and maybe I'll start posting collages again we'll see!💗
This is soo pretty!! Love the cosy winter vibes 🥰
Thank you so much Chloe ❤️❤️
Omg I wish it snowed here :( but the weather's definitely weird here too, from warm to cold, from rain to sun to hail.
My weekend was good!! Bought some new plants and baked cookies :) how was yours?
hey!! u ready to do collab yet? thx btw!!
This is very pretty <33
Thanks for asking! I can be doing better. Last Friday I found out my crush is gay. So I confessed this monday (by letter) and I left my number if he wanted to be friends and he hasn't texted back. I was sorta expecting him to text me bc a girl in my French class told me that he was nice and all, and I am very disappointed. 😭😭😭
ur good!!! thx so much for the pfp
wie geht es dir?❤️
hey. just checking. do u have a date when the pfp will be rdy? not to be rude. my friends keep bugging me about it lol
aw thank you so much!! and my spring break is almost over sadly 😭😭 i haven’t really done anything but tomorrow, i’m hoping to make cookies and/or dye easter eggs, and on saturday i hope to get my hair cut and i’m gonna get new glasses!!!
and i hope you have/had a good time with your grandparents!!! and im good thank you for asking 🩷🩷 hbu?
I play flute. It sounds very pretty, but my lungs literally feel like they will collapse, but it is worth it!! Mainly we get the melody in every piece that we play, but other instruments will sometimes play louder. (Even when we are like 7 or 9 flute players)
omg thx so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im sure they will love them
ur the best lol
they r already using them lol i dint tell them and they are using them already
i’m good! how are you? happy easter!! yes i miss when we were always online too :(
your welcome
Hi Chloé <3 hru?
THANK YOU! unfortunately I don’t have any plans for break, do you?
oooouu have fun with your grandparents! my weekend has been good, it’s snowing rn though! wbu?
awesome art❤️
hey how’s it gng
ur welcome lol
hello my dear sherlock!! I am doing well! how about you??
that sounds like such a fun trip!!!!
my week was great! just got added to the big group chat and my german friend Jonny and I roasted each other on it for a whileeee yesterday hehe. I changed his contact to Älter Bruder :D
my weekend was also great, I got to see some of my friends on friday night, including tim. okay so he and I end up doing this thing where because of a comment we just stare at each other for like a whole minute and then respond which is what happened then and basically we just stared at each other for almost two minutes it was AMAZING HIS EYES ARE SO BEAUTIFUL
also on friday jonny was trying to tell me something in german but he was going too fast so I got fed up and said “du musst langsam sprechen, oder ich kann nicht verstanden!!!” and our australian friend dropped his fork and stared and said “you speak german?????”
jonny said in the group chat yesterday, “you’re a German-speaking redhead so yeah pretty scary. it’s like führer meets witch”
I took it as a compliment 😌
how has your week been dear???
Thanks so much this collage is really pretty
thank you🤗
your welcome.
J’adore 😄😁
Thank you ❤️❤️
I hope you had a great time with your grandparents, that sounds so fun!! My easter was good, we visited grandma and we went out for dinner :) also had brunch with my parents and siblings, which is kind of a tradition, other than that not so much. Do you have any traditions?
My easter was great :) I found out bc friend of mine in French class told me that he was gay (she in the musical with him) (she also has a bf) and that is how I found out
And he hasn't texted me back :(
The flute is pretty 🥺🥺🥺 but it makes my lungs feel like they are about to collapse, but I still play bc I love it 💞💞💞
thank you! I would LOVE to collab with you again chloe!
my easter was good, thank you for asking! we don’t really have any traditions, but I always make a carrot cake if that counts haha! wbu?
cHloe look what I bought you 💍 only for my beautiful wife :D
and my easter was okay.. it was very very different than it always has been, but I got to talk to my friends and my church had a breakfast so we all hung out around a table and talked hehe
awww that’s so nice that you got to see your grandparents!!!! I hope you had fun <3 how was your easter?
we do still text but he has been pretty busy so not as much :) i’m excited for the rest of this week: tonight i’ll see him at prayer meeting, and on saturday there’s youth group, and on sunday afternoon i’m going to see a play with my friends that his sister is in! do you have any plans this week? OH, and i’m calling my oldest friend tomorrow night!
thanks! i’ve been doing okay, been busy though :/
ofc!!! ur the best!!!
my easter was nice!! :)) we had a really nice dinner but don’t really have any traditions hahaa <33 and i got about an inch or two off my hair and cut my bangs! 🩷
how have u beeb? 🤍
been** hehe
STOPPP bc I couldn’t go to prommmm 🥲 (I snuck a boy in before that and she said nvm to the dance bc of that so😀😐) ANYWAYYYYSSSS how was ur easterrrr??
hiii!!! how are you? I hope you’re doing well. This is soo pretty!! ❤️💗💕
gorgeous! sorry I haven’t been able to chat, I’ve been super busy
sorry for not responding to your messages sooner! I’ve been so busy and lacked motivation 😭
no I totally agree with you. I’ve been on here for maybe around 4 years? my peak was 2021-2022 I miss those days and i had a different account @urlocalmaniac😭
oh that’s so fun! my easter was good, is hung out with family. i have cheer tryouts on friday so i’m nervous for that lol. how are you?
De rien :))
thank you!! aww that seems so fun! also yeah it’d be great if you could make the chatpage!
my week has been good! I’ve been on break for the past two weeks, so I just went back to school! but I’m going to maui tmrw so I get another week of break lol. how about you?
Thank you ❤️❤️
Yeahh we used to search for eggs too when we were younger :)
My weeks been good!! Been kinda busy, but fun :) how is your week going?
I have been playing since I was about 11 or 12, so for 5 or 6 years. And he did get the note. One of my lab group members gave it to him directly and I saw it :(
do u think its funny we keep saying that we love our collages and then keep saying ty why back? cus i do lol
hii!! i’m so sorry for the absence. i’m doing good, school’s just been keeping me busy! how are you?
after episode three you must watch Rogue one before episode 4. you could also watch solo as it’s also between 3 and 4
Okay and side note: real star wars fans don’t count episodes 7-9 as canon. (we refer to it as the disney trilogy and refuse to accept their existence) If you watch them you will understand more, they’re just pretty bad lol. Okay okay and there so so many good shows but I recommend watching the movies first hehe
YES WE STAN PADME SHES OUR QUEEN 👑 I love how she’s the perfect girl boss- she wears dresses and is very feminine but can absolutely take care of herself and do anything she needs. we stan our queen yes ma’am. Ans just wait till you meet Leia. Girl is perfect combination of her parents
my easter was alright! highlights were being so happy Jesus would do such a thing for me, and hanging out with my friends at the church breakfast hehe
100th comment hehe. girl what have I watched so far? everything. legit everything except andor (grrr) and the bad batch (hopefully will watch that soon). so I have seen: every single movie many many many times; the clone wars; rebels; tales of the jedi; the mandalorian; the book of boba fett; obi wan (legit such a disappointing show smh); ahsoka; wait there might be another but I forgot lol
my favorite character??? I have too many and most of them you haven’t met yet 😭 😭
i’ll list them so you’ll know when you see them: (also this dosent really have an order lol…): Rex, Ahsoka, Fives, Sabine, Ezra, Hera, R2D2, Padmé, Leia, OBI WANNN, Zeb, Kanan, Satine, Mando, Finn Raoul, Boba Fett, Waxer, Han, uh,, I feel like i’m missing someone smh,, oh Bo-Katan is great
Actually Rex is my number one favorite. He’s Tim’s favorite as well hehe
Rex is a clone. I absolutely love the clones so much. Also episode three is very sad, but if you watch the clone wars and then episode three I guarantee that you will SOB. omw. clone wars season 7 had me on the floor sobbing (it’s the end of episode three told from a different perspective)
Also when you watch episode three/clone wars you’ll find out why every star wars fan has a phobia of the number 66 *shudder*
Also: Anakin in episode three. 🤌🏼🤌🏼🤌🏼🤌🏼
What’s ur main account that u blog on emeralddreams?
That's so cool, I hope you had fun spending time with them!
My spring break was for two weeks! How long was yours? (Or are you still on break?)
Aw thanks, I may post a collage later, we'll see
I went to the South of France and it was AMAZING! Have you ever been there?
^no but honestly it was one of my fav vacations ever
I love your pfp btw💗
this is so pretty! I’m new, does anyone want to be friends?🫶🏻
Hey sorry I left you unread for so many weeks life’s crazy for me rn haha. I hope all is well!! Hru?
tyyy it’s ok my friend can’t either so I’m not alone lol but my Easter was funnn I was with my family and my bsf family it was sm fun (I don’t rlly have “family” other then mine so hers is like my extended family yk?) but it was fun bc I got tons of candy 🤭🤭
but hruuu??
thank you!! been good so far 👍🏻
c’est magnifique
hiii I’m doing acc reviews!!! just wondering if you’d like ur acc reviewed?:)
Hii this is the new acc reviews!!! I logged out and forgot my password😁
ur review is posted<43
hello my dear sherlock!! how are you??
hows star wars coming 👀
J’ai publier si tu veux allez voir :)
thank you thank you!!! my birthday was on april 14 you’re all good I haven’t been online that much because I was so busy that week! pc was pretty fun in 2021 i’m not going to lie but most of the friends I made during the time have left the app sadly 🥲
I’m doing good!!! keeping busy and with taylor’s album out I’ve been listening to it with my mom and i went to target to pick the cds up !! what about you anything fun??
hiii how are you!! I’m so sorry for not responding, school has been really busy and I just finished my track season 💗
hey! that’s so cool! i’ve never done karate but that’s amazing!! i made the jv cheer team! how are you twin?
Oh mrcccc bcp 💖💖💖💖💗 je vais bien ett comment vas tu ??
wow congrats chloé! that’s so cool! maui has been so good! we came with a bunch of family so it was great to see them. do you have any weekend plans?
that’s so sad that ur bsf moved:( but that’s awesome that u can see her <333 I’m doing good my mental health has been better kinda yk lol
getting ready to graduate soon, and preparing for my last presentation also while listening to the tortured poets department 😂
hey! I’m good, wbu? both your texts are gorgeous, I don’t think you need to change anything! I think we should choose the first one, I feel like the colors all match a little bit more. what do you think?
thanks so much your collages are amazing
Thank you ❤️❤️
That sounds nice, hope you have fun with your friend!! I don't really have special plans this week, I did have a birthday party from some friends last weekend and had loads of fun there :)
episode 7-9 was a money grab after disney bought the film rights and it annoys me soooo much 😭 you can def watch them, sometimes we do to make fun of them teehee
I HAVE done a movie marathon for LOTR and for star wars hehe. so fun!! the lil green dude is yoda <3 hes almost 900 and is pretty great but the way he keeps holding on to old jedi teachings annoys me every once in awhile haha
omw that’s so happy!! i’m so glad you’ll get to see her!!
Wanna share a account?
r2d2 is the epitome of “stupid anikan can’t do things right. I mean I love him but look I can do this much better. also c-3po you are the most annoying and stupid droid to ever exist” lol
Votre compte est tellement mignon ! Je l'aime tellement ! Mon compte est similaire ! S'il vous plaît, suivez-moi ! Votre compte est tellement esthétique !