Collage by kkai


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we live a simp
no it’s perfect
this is so perfect
i love you so much. this took me like an hour to read it all
this is the cutest everrr
Wait this is adorable
this is why i love uuu so much
you literally mean the world to me
i hope you're on because i'm gonna spend time talking to you <3
you're literally the sweetest thing everr
and everyone knows that
i miss you <3
i'm gonna do like a spam to make you HAPPY
n i love making you happy
i remember calling you a lil kiddie
we've met like 2 weeks ago almost 3
and talking to you was the best thing ever
but we don't talk much only sometimes :(
your paragraph is amazing and you're amazing
you got a lot of friends
and we're not on at the same time once again
which makes me cry
i hope you get on while i'm doing this spam
hey i’m chels :)
i miss you