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I just read this again and found some mistakes.. I’m so sorry haha
aww that sucks :(( but reading is fun for me :D unless it’s boring loll
*que motivational music*
you can do it!!!
awww maddie dont worry that was me last year, don’t worry you’ll get through it!! you got this girl💛
awwwww,,,,,,i have to read too but good luck to you!🥰
I go back to school next week and choose all of my year 11 subjects (I’m in year 10)
your friend’s is only 100? That doesn’t seem fair :/ well, I have some tips for that, but you might not be able to do them. 1. Read WHENEVER you can. Study hall, when you’re in the car, before you go to bed, etc.
2. don’t get too stressed about it
3. Don’t let it be the only thing on your mind. Only think about it when you’re working on it. It could distract you from other work
Dang! this sucks! I like reading but not when they make it a assignment
ahhhh I’m going back to school on Tuesday
aww I’m so sorry maddie !! I’m in year 7 this year. I love reading but it’s annoying when they make it an assignment, I’m sorry and you’ll get through this xo
wowwwweee that’s a lot of reading if annotate that bad boy if I were you!❤️💓💤
awww that’s so much reading!! I couldn’t cope 😂 I’m in year 9 atm and I break up tomorrow- 🙌🏼 finally !!
aww Maddie you can do this!! read as much as you can! a little everyday! just some of it!! i believe In you💘💗
aww I'm sorry, but good luck! 💖
ahhhhh poor you!! just make sure you're always reading in your head with a happy voice, one that would sound interesting if you had to read it aloud to someone. This is what I do and I find it much more enjoyable to read 💜💜💜💜💜💜
also I go back on Monday ahhhhhhh
omg relatable. school sucks. go back on tuesday 🤧🤧
but u got dis ❣️❣️💕💕💛💛