- p l e a s e  h e l p -


- p l e a s e h e l p -

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cool as. maybe invite your friends over? idk lol
eat food. it’s a plan that can’t cancel on you, but only you can cancel on it. :) full proof *boom*
I guess it depends on how old you're turning
my names Logan. i am of the female gender. eyala is so pretty.
how old are you turning?
haveeee a partayyyy
how old are you turning?
go to the movies/mall w some friends—maybe hit the cinema, have yum food and ice cream and all that good stuff 😊💕
okee dokee. thanks for telling me :)
WOW HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!! I have no good ideas lol
happy early bday! I don’t have ideas cause...yep😜😂
aw thank youu💗
aw thank you!!💕
awww thank you!😊❤️
Happy Early Birthday!!
thanks 😂😂
i’m okay , i’ve just been trying to get over a few losses over these past few months . it was a rough day when i posted that, but thank you eyala 💓
yeah I know😂 but thanks
thanks for following me
bowling? picnic? food? shop? hang out at home and sleep over?
how are you?🙃