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I’ve had so many friends
become victims of this 
-How to Help-
Comment the username of a friend fighting hate and we will support them!


✎ Tap For Alarm ✐ 🚨 STOP THOSE HATERS 🚨 I’ve had so many friends become victims of this -How to Help- Comment the username of a friend fighting hate and we will support them!

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i'm s'o bored :(
such a hypocrite -_- hating on me when THIS POST says to not hate. I don’t assume unless I know ALL the facts, so you stop assuming I don’t. I am probably smarter anyways
^^ reread all your comments and tell me where I said anything mean to you
it doesnt, stop assuming. jeez. you never learn. it means she is faking, DUHHHHHH mr. obvious
she’s lying
aww thank you♥️♥️
I’m reposting SOON!!!
And it’s a collage that says “Gryffindor common room”
it’s okay
I think you’re the second person who’s doing text
she doesn’t effect me she’s just spending useless time in life 😂
omg just saying ur face drawing on SmilingSunflowers' page is BEAUTIFUL AHAHA
our common room is on @-Adventure-s Page
everything’s kind of planned out and I’m staring the collage soon?
that’s ok you forgot.
Hi! pink_sunshine24 battle of the collagers is here! come be apart of this awesome opportunity with awesome prizes up for grabs! make sure to check the info sheet first then sign up. hurry though, only 14 spots available! to find out more check out our account now!! (sorry for the copy and paste message)
I happened to come upon the chicken squad sign up page, and I was wondering if it was too late for me to sign up. If it's nit too late, I would really Luke to join! 😊
*like not luke
Hiiii! So @_stardust is going to remix a collage for the Harry Potter Games and You are also going to do a text. When you’re done remix the collage to @-TheFrenchiestFry- who is doing pngs.
DONT REMIX IT TO @-TheFrenchiestFry- J MADE A MISTAKE! REMIX IT TO @meandmeonly
ahhhh you hit 1.1K jfjsaakkaka congratssss 😂
i tried XD
Yeah, and it’s annoying because you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.
there needs to be 11 spells, I did 5 and started obliviate. I’m trying to leave space for the pngs
when you remix it to @meandmeonly, let her know that we get extra points for having 6 crests and more than 5 pngs! we’re in a hurry!! let’s beat slytherin!❤️❤️❤️
well he’s very strict.
You scored a 39
This is wonderful!💗😄
Well...That technically isn't my cat. I kidnapped her from Pinterest and now she's giving me the kitten-cat eyes to convince me to let her go 😂
Okay. I FINALLY figured out what I was doing wrong with the triangles!
I was cutting them with a shape so I wouldn’t mess up the cutting, but I needed to cut them with scissors.
If you want to put that on your extras if you haven’t already figured out the issue with a lot of people’s triangles, this might be their issue.😊💕
Please enter my beach contest due July 30th. The winners get an awesome selection of prizes. (Sorry for the copy & paste message)
love this idea
what am i doing w my life 😂
awww! tysm!💕I am too!😆
Thanks. 😂
Yeah, especially since he’s a wuss lol.
True lol. 😆 Right? 😂
Aww tysm!💕😂😊And yes, I was very excited for the triangles!😆
Hi, Your collages are beautiful, and I was hoping you can chat with me because I feel like I wanna chat with someone🙂
love this🙌🏼
wOuLd u LiKe tO CoLLaB?😊🌼
Hi! Wanna do somethin funnnnn? Well, join my games! If you are interested, HURRY! There are limited spots! Well, go check it out! Cya later👋🏻 (sorry for the copy/paste message😭) ~Kaia aka -ForeverBliss-
*jumps up and down with joy😂
ahahah haii i went to a baseball game todayyy
A: I’m rlly not😂
Wut part do u wanna do for the collab?🙃
I like picking the BG and quote, (mostly becuz I’m not good at BG or text🤦🏻‍♀️😂) but I’m ok with doing whatever😊
Thanks for the comment!!