Sorry this took so long. I still have to write the last part too and that might take a sec


3/3 . Sorry this took so long. I still have to write the last part too and that might take a sec

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✨💕 the message behind these is incredible and I love it
you continue to impress me 👏
aha tyy 💘
this is so good omg
i love this series so much and i literally connect to every single one of these 🥺🥺
love it xoxo
OKAY WOW literally everything you make is so different and stunning and like whaaaattt 😍😍😍😍😍
ooo this might be my favorite so far 🖤 something that needs to be talked abt more :(
the contradiction around weight is disgusting. id rather not bother 🙄
thanks for making this 💕
beautiful♥️ once again the message is amazing and so meaningful♥️
absolutely incredible-
i dont know how to have deep thoughts like this
this is SO GOOD 💕👏🏼👏🏼
this opened my eyes to a new perspective. the past year or so I’ve been thinking that happiness is a choice but it’s a complete different understanding from yours. but now I’ve realised how.. shallow my thoughts on this matter have been. I personally haven’t gone through much hardship, most of it is very trivial so for me, personally being happy is just generally always the right choice? that’s how it’s been for me but.. well now I’m thinking about it and finding a different view on this matter. thanks for sharing this, honestly
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your collages are so goodddd 💗💗
hey there 😊
wow i love this series❤️
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aww tysm❤️
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thank you its ok!❤️
wow you’re so talented I seriously can’t even omg🙈😩💖
this pasta is so beautiful I’m going to cry 😭💕
do you draw these??
they are amazing and sooooooo impressive
this is the type of art I aspire to make
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this is actually stunning!!💕💕