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any person u want to pick
and any colors u want to pick
I don’t care or mind really
ok thank u
do u want to send a quote?
no problem 😂
this has blessed my eyes!
pretty asf 💓
thanks so much
andbill have it done soon
for the collab I noticing that he quote right?
oh nvm
u did say that my bad lol
ok I finished our collab can u just add our username/s on it plz?
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ok here it is
hmmm it’s unfair to both sides tbh
there are already girls whose scholarships and hard earned spots in sports teams are taken away because of transgender people whose body is, in fact, biologically stronger than females...I get what you mean, but it’s still unfair to females as well I think.
the law also allows biological males (transgender females) to go to female toilets and share changing rooms too
no offense to transgender people, but I would feel pretty uncomfortable considering they are born biologically male, especially for changing rooms
it’s just kinda awkward...especially since some people don’t surgically remove their biological genitalia
it is unfair for sports thing, but yeah 🤷‍♀️ it’s just the truth that their bodies are in fact biologically stronger, so it’s kinda hard to say
loooove 😍
love this ❤️
luvvvv it