my early 2020 collage aesthetic


•lavender• my early 2020 collage aesthetic

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This is so pretty!
I love the detail
Lol I sxck at making collages like this
this is honestly beautiful
Btw, wanna be friends?
omg thank you so much...hehe I'm flattered 😆
your name is beautiful too. I have a cousin named Lauren.
like loveee this
and tysm!! ikr it’s really weird!! how have you been?
you know me, I love a good purple! this is so cool it’s been awhile since we’ve seen a more scrap type collage and I’m totally here for it !! YES
this is so pretty!!!
I love love love this design!
and tysm!
this is sk cute :))
Btw, I didn't tell you my name, did i? My name is Hannah:)
this is so amazingggggg
awww tysm 😊
Omg this is amazing!! love the colour 💜
this is beautiful! I love lavender, color and plant hahaha
wow that sounds so fun!!!
I’m good just catching up with assignments
omg your collages are AMAZINGGGGG 🤩 like so STUNNING I LOVE EMM 💖
thank you 💛
this is so pretty! I’m a big fan of lavender, you can tell by my user 😂👌✨💜
yeah that’s right!
this is definitely one of my fav collages on pc! I love the detail and colors! 💕 💜
also, would you like to be friends?
this is really beautiful 🤩
hey how are you Lauren?
This is so pleasing, I love the lavender color! This has to be one of my favorite collages on Pic and the detail is absolutely amazing! Very well done!😊💞
ap exam season still hits hard haha. I’m running at 100%, but my 100% is slowly becoming less and less LOL.
hbu? how’s the out of college life treating you? :))
Awwwww ofc
Would you like to collab anytime in the future?
aweee ty Lauren!! and I’ve been doing good busy as well 😅
thank you!!
This is so pretty! Lavender is one of my favorite colors, so it’s amazing to see it get featured in this way!!!
Ok sounds good!😊
yeah!! I hope you’ll find some time too
thank you so much Lauren!! glad you like my collages!!!
I adore 🥰 yours
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thank you!!!
this is so prettyyy😍
Thank you! ❤️
thank you!!
hey Lauren!! how are you?
pls follow me
and your posts are super cute
so cute!!!