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Apple bxtt?
hey I miss you. are you okay?
pretty much same. I miss my Apple bxtt a lot
why did you leave?
well can you come back like on for once every other day so we can talk? I’m only on once a day if I have time
Apple bxtt I need you. I wish we could meet irl
I just miss my online friends. and I miss everyone being active all the time and I miss it when ppl didn’t leave. it’s like I could escape my irl friends and be with my online friends, but I don’t have that anymr.
dude irl sucks
ah yeah
my irl friends are cool
me too
wit don’t you have her snap?
she came back for a bit, but she didn’t stay. I didn’t even know she ran away till my friend told me
I miss you too
guess what
I forgot what I was gunna say 😍😍😍😍😍
did Ile just come back?
can we do something
I miss you
I miss everyone
everyone left
steph and davina and Ile
miss u